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F-16 Fighter Jets Preflight routine, Takeoff and Landing at Nellis USAF Base

F-16 Fighter Jets Preflight routine, Takeoff and Landing at Nellis USAF Base

General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon or more commonly known as F-16 is a single engine Supersonic multirole fighter aircraft primarily used by USAF. The aircraft was initially developed by General Dynamic which is now the Lockheed Martin and was manufactured specifically for the USAF.


The aircraft was designed to be an air superior day fighter which is now evolved into a successful All Weather multirole military fighter aircraft.

Since its production approval back in 1976, there has been now 4500 F-16’s have been manufactured. Although this aircraft is no longer being purchased by USAF, it is still being manufactured for export to other potential customers.


The key features for this aircraft are as follows.

  • Frameless bubble canopy to provide better visibility for pilot
  • Side mounted control sick to provide better maneuverability
  • Pilot seat with a 30 degree reline, which helps in reduce effects of g-force to be suffered by pilots
  • Relaxed Static Stability or Fly-by wire flight control system, which makes this aircraft as such a nimble fighter jet

In addition to F-16’s main internal M61 Vulcan Cannon, it has 11 other locations for mounting other weapons and mission equipments.


The official name for this aircraft is “Fighting Falcon” but pilots have named t “Viper” because of it resemblance to a viper snake along with an aircraft called “Viper starfighter” from the famous series “battle star Galactica”.

In addition to it being used by USAF, it is also in service for early 25 other countries of the world. It has been regarded as the world’s most numerous Fixed Wing Aircraft in the military service of many world nations.

The following video of today presents the audience with an F-16 Fighting Falcon under the use by pilots and ground crew of 119th Fighter Squadron of the New Jersey Air National Guard. The pilots and crew member perform the following acts in the video.

  • Preflight checks prior from taxi
  • Take offs
  • Landings

The video was filmed at Nellis Air Force Base during an air combat exercise Red Flag 16-3.

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