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F-35 and F-16 Formation Flight over the Arizona State Capitol Filmed From a Helicopter

Our today’s video was filmed on September 26th, 2018. The video depicts the formation flight of four aircraft; two F-35s and two F-16s. All of these aircraft belong to the 56th Fighter Wing, from Luke Air Force Base, Arizona. These aircraft were captured in a video while performing a flyover the Arizona State Capital in an honoring ceremony for the 100th Anniversary of the Final Flight of Lt. Frank Luke Jr.

The thing that makes this video interesting is that the video was captured by a chopper guy with the designated name “knife 01”.

The pilots who were flying over for the anniversary had nicknames

  • Dojo
  • Slam
  • Havoc
  • Judge

Lt. Frank Luke JR.; after whom the Luke Air Force Base near Phoenix has been named, was a pilot of the World War 2. The pilot was honored for his service of shooting down two enemy planes and after being gunned down by the enemy aircraft after resisting a  ground chase capture. Due to his achievements in World War 2, he was the first pilot of World War 2 to have received the Medal of Honor. All in all, Lt. Luke Jr. shot down 18 enemy planes in 18 days.

In an honor for Lt. Luke Jr. and his 100th Anniversary, one F-35 and one F-16 have been given the logo “#Luke100”.

The Chopperguy team shot from 8K to High Def. aerial video and photography with the help of their Gyro Stabilized Camera system. The video shows the aerial footage in which F-35 Lighting Strike II Strike Fighter Jets take off from Luke Air Force Base and flyover the Fiesta Bowl Parade near the Phoenix, Arizona.,

Watch this amazing video of these fighter jets flying over the Arizona Capitol down below.

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