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South Korean F-15 Pilots Pay Salute to Returning Soldier’s Remains from the Korean Conflict

A video has been recently shared by the Aviation Journalist and expert; Ian D’Costa on Monday earlier this week. The video is of Korean news which is actually a military news in which a dignified and heart-wrenching tribute has been paid to the Fallen Soldiers from the Korean Conflict.

On Monday earlier this week, The South Korean President Moon Jae In canceled the much anticipated traditional South Korean Military Anniversary Parade. The reason for this cancellation was to hold another ceremony for the arrival of the remains of South Korean soldiers that were previously killed during the Korean Conflict. The remains had been gathered from North Korea earlier this year and were sent for DNA verification at Hawaii’s Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency. After verification and identification, these remains of South Korean soldiers were returned to South Korea for a formal military burial.

Video found by D’Costa shows the in-flight reel of the Republic of Korea Air Force’s F-15K Slam Eagle and FA-50 Fighting Eagles as they were escorting the remains of soldiers on board a ROKAF C-130H transport carrier.

The video shows the revenant loading of the remains onboard the C-130K flight from Hawaii to return to South Korea. The flight was escorted back to South Korea by two ROKAF F-15 K Slam Eagles and two FA-50 Fighting Eagles.

This ritual has also served as the historic part of the slow healing process between two Korean nations.

According to multiple sources with likes of CNN, that since the Korean Conflict’s start back in 1950, nearly 217000 military and 10000000 civilian had lost their lives. This conflict is now at an end when earlier this year talks between North and South Korea for peace have been brokered by the USA. There is also report that nearly 7704 US servicemen also remain unaccounted for during this Korean Conflict.

Watch the amazing video down below.

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