Wizz Air has the Highest Safety Rating received from

Wizz Air has received the highest 7-star safety ranking lately from the world’s top ranking airline safety and product rating agency;

The safety rating for each of the airline is evaluated based on the comprehensive analysis after utilizing the information from the World’s Aviation Governing Body as well as from the governmental and historical data of the leading association.

The impotent evaluation criteria are focused on the following elements.

  • IOSA certification
  • FAA Endorsement
  • Condition and age of the fleet
  • Accident history
  • International Civil Aviation Organization safety rating of the country of origin
  • Various other parameters

7-star safety ranking is awarded to such airlines that meet all of the above-stated assessment criteria; in this case, Wiz Air.

Wizz Air currently holds one of the world’s youngest fleets which is consistent of 104 Airbus A320s and A321 CEO Aircraft. Their average age is about 4.5 years. Wiz Air also currently is n possession of the 250 of the world’s most effective single-aisle aircraft. They have also ordered in for the Airbus A321 NEO and the first NEO aircraft will be in the airline’s fleet by 19 January, 2019.

Wizz Air since its first time flying back in 2004 has ensured its devoted significance toward time and resources to make safety its culture along with training and development of its staff to be one of the best in the world.

Wizz Air is in contract with the leading European maintenance partners to help ensure the impeccable state of its young and modern fleet.

Diederik Pen; Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of Wizz Air, said to media that,

“At Wizz Air, Safety has always been our top priority and we are certainly delighted to receive the highest safety ranking from ‘’. This recognition is a testament to our efforts to set pr priorities straight in order to keep flying the safest way of traveling all through our extensive network of 600 routes to 142 destinations across 44 countries.”

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