Jets Fighter in Low Pass while shocking the spectators

The modern air force has come a long way since the early invention ears of the first airplane. It has been many decades that we broke the human limits and that of sound barrier to gain the new speeds and altitudes.

With these new record breaking speeds newer and newer fighter aircrafts are being invented each year with each of them having their own superior aspect. One thing that all of these aircrafts have common in them is that they are truly faster than the speed of sound.

It is nearly impossible for any ordinary person who loves the fighter aircrafts of the air force; to get a chance in riding one of the these supersonic jets. They just fill their adoration and passion for these aircrafts by simply watching them fly by on the air show or military parades or even some more grand occasions.

In this video below you are going to watch some jet fighters in low pass while shocking the spectators.

The screams of the cheerful audience is enough to say how much great of an experience it was for them to watch these jet fighters in their low pass action.

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