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Christmas gifts not allowed on the flight

It has already been Halloween and it will be in no time that Christmas time is going to be upon us. However, most of us living far from home are going to start taking the flights home from the end of November which is nearly upon us. Nowadays, reaching home has become easier with air travel but there are still some rules when taking flights during the Christmas season.

There are certain Christmas gifts that are not allowed on the flight. While some of them are allowed to be placed in the checked bag, they are still not allowed to be taken on the plane. We have listed all the Christmas gifts that one can take on or not on the flight.

What is now allowed On-Board?

Following are the Christmas Gifts ht can be placed in the checked bags but cannot be taken on board the aircraft in the hand luggage.

Toiletries & cosmetics

This rule must be familiar by most passengers that liquids present in hand luggage which exceed the limit of 100 ml are forbidden to be carried on the flight and then ones that meet this limit should also be taken in clear plastic bag.

This is why if you plan on taking Christmas gifts such as oils or any other such liquids, then they are strictly not allowed on the flight.

Camembert cheese


Camembert Chasse is one of the Christmas gifts that most people like to give each other on the occasion. But if you plan to travel via airplane and are planning to take this particular cheese then you are in bad luck. The reason is that the cheese might start out as solid but by the time flight ends, it turns into liquid form. This is why it is recommended to be placed in a clear bag and in the checked luggage.

Cranberry sauce

While a person is allowed to take a Christmas Turkey with them on the flight, they are not allowed to take the cranberry sauce with them, as this classifies into liquid and cannot be carried as hand luggage. It needs to be under the limit of 100 ml to be taken on board and if not, it is best to keep this Christmas gift inside the hold luggage.

Syrups, honey and jams

This is no brainier because some foods such as the syrups honey, chutneys and jams all fall into the class of liquid when it comes to airport security measures. So if you plan on taking them as you Christmas present in your hand luggage, then we recommend taking them in the recommenced 100 ml quantity or else place them in your checked bags.


For the overs of wines, the corkscrew might be one of the great Christmas gifts but the airport security does not agree with it as they fall in the list of sharp and pointy items banned on a flight. They still can be placed in the checked bag and must be informed of. If a person tries to be smart and try to snake them in the hand luggage, they might not only lose it but also invite some more trouble from the airport security staff.

Sports equipment

There are some obvious sports equipment that are not to be allowed on the flight but there are still some other unexpected sports equipment that are not allowed on the flight. These include items like rackets, darts, catapults, and bats. They cannot be taken on the flight in the hand luggage, instead can only be taken by placing them in checked luggage.


A single passenger is allowed only one lighter on the flight and that it is to be kept on their person during the flight inside a clear plastic bag. While lighters are a great way to give as a Christmas gift to smokers, they are going to be kept by the security staff of the airport if there is more than one in the hand luggage.


Planning on presenting someone this Christmas with a set of tools? Then we recommend packing it beforehand in your checked luggage because tools are often consistent with pointy and blunt objects which are a strict no-no for carrying in hand luggage. We do not need to list the items but some of them include items like hammers, screwdrivers, pliers spanner, drill bits, and paper knives.

Christmas crackers

Christmas crackers have recently been banned by the airlines to be carried on the flight. While some allow them to be carried they still only allow two boxes of them and they are also to be placed in the hold luggage.

What items are not allowed on the flight?

Below are the Christmas gifts that are strictly not allowed neither on-board nor on the flights hold luggage at all.

Party poppers

Party poppers are banned from being taken on the flights entirely and thus cannot be placed either in hand luggage or the hold luggage. The reason is that they contain a little explosive substance in them to give than popping sound. While it is the low-level explosive amount it can still cause certain security threats and can lead to your luggage getting seized and further trouble that can even delay your travel plans.

Sweet chestnuts


Chestnuts are a great treat for Christmas but you might not know that the airport security is not too keen and happy about them. In UK and US, a passenger can carry 2Kg of these Chestnuts from anywhere within the country but if they are flying from anywhere else, they won’t be given permission of bringing even a single one of them in their hold luggage.

Christmas trees and wreaths

Christmas trees and wreaths might be a great Christmas gift to present anyone but the airports do not agree with your sentiments. As per airport and airline rules, only one Christmas tree or wreath is allowed per passenger and that too has to be for domestic flight and should also be less than 3 meters in length.

Last but not least; while taking the gifts wrapped in the wrapping paper is allowed but only if there is nothing inside and is not restricted on the flight. We recommend taking the Christmas gift wrapped in a manner that it can be easily opened if a security staff gets suspicious and asks to remove the wrapping.

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