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Most Important Aircraft of All Time (Part 1)

Aircraft have changed the course of the entire human history. This is the single yet most important invention in the history of mankind which has greatly minimized the amount of time that a person requires to travel from one place to another.

Well, all the aircraft have their own significance in human history, but there are still some that supersede others in terms of their importance.

For our readers today we present to you the most important aircraft of all times. (Part 1). When we say part 1 we mean that there will surely be a part 2 and who knows a part 3.

Well at the moment lets take a look at this first list.

Wright Flyer

No list of important aircraft is completed without mentioning the first ever aircraft, the Wright Flyer. The Wright Brothers made use of the wing wrapping in combination with the yaw of the rudder to allow the aircraft for proper control in flight. The concept is so fundamental that it is essentially used in nearly every aircraft of the world.

Despite performing their successful first flight, brothers had to travel on private torus across US and Europe to market their invention. Finally, back in 1908, the brothers in front of a very skeptical audience present at the field of LeMans, France revolutionized the aviation industry through Europe.

Supermarine Spitfire

The Supermarine Spitfire is the only fighter airplane that was in the continuous production through the entire World War 2. The fighter was the essential component of the British Air Force as it helped massively the British soldiers to win the Battle of Britain against the German Luftwaffe.

The aircraft’s airframe was so intricate in its design that it allowed the Spitfire to have the following roles.

  • Interceptor
  • Photo reconnaissance
  • Bomber
  • Trainer

Boeing 787

Boeing’s Dreamliner 787 is the only aircraft of the aviation manufacturer that was developed by use of composite materials. The fuselage of aircraft was attached by fastening the composite barrel sections.

The aircraft in its developmental stages suffered from many problems and even its first flight was delayed nearly 5 times majority of which were the battery problems as well as the series of canceled orders spurred by its overweight issues.

However, the story now is different as the 787 is now a standard aircraft for its quiet and lightweight functioning.

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

The Blackbird SR-71 is the fastest every aircraft to be flown despite it the last flying in 1999. The aircraft broke the record for the fastest manned aircraft back in 1976 and the record still waits to be broken.

The aircraft combined with its amazing high speeds at high altitudes made it one of the optimum choices for the reconnaissance missions. The aircraft is so fast that during its service, that there was a protocol to avoid the missiles by accelerating.

Cirrus SR22

When the Cirrus S22 came into the market; it took the world of aviation by storm in general public. The aircraft since 2001 has been regarded as one of the best selling yet single engine and 4 seat aircraft in the world for nearly a decade.

The aircraft’s composite construction combined with its airframe ballistic parachute design allows the pilots to fly it without any worries.

Back in 2013, the world’s youngest pilot Ryan Campbell took the title after he circled the globe in Cirrus Sr22. As for the aircraft’s parachute system, it has been reported that it resulted in 100 lives to be saved.

Learjet 23

When Bill Lear moved in 1960 to Switzerland to form his Swiss American Aviation Corporation with intention of manufacturing a new attack fighter aircraft, it failed. His contract for the SAAC-23 ExecuteJet was canceled. However, this did not discourage Lear as he moved back to California and designed his own aircraft.

In his mind, there was a huge market for the executive business air travel and that led to the development of the Learjet 23. This aircraft resulted in a new age of efficient business travel aircraft.

In just 2 years, the Learjet produce nearly 104 of these luxury business aircraft from their facility located in Kansas City. The plane was only able to carry no more than 8 passengers and could travel at a speed of 560 mph.

Lockheed C-130

The Lockheed C-130 is a 4-engine military transport aircraft that has been in the production for far longer than any other aircraft in the US military. The aircraft which has served for nearly 50 years is considered to be one of the most versatile used aircraft for any armed force.

The aircraft was able to land and take off from unimproved runways and was also able to be modified into a gunship. Other roles provided by C-130 are as follows.

  • Research
  • Search & rescue
  • Aerial Refueling

The aircraft since 1954 has been designed in 40 variants and has served nearly 70 nations across the globe.

Douglas DC-3

Before the Douglas DC-3 emerged back in 1963, a single flight from LA to New York required more than 15 stops as well as airline changes over 2 to 3 aircraft. But with DC-3, the cross country travel was changed for the better as it allowed the 20 passengers to be transported across the country in just 15 hours with the need of 3 fueling stops.

A military variant of this aircraft was used in World War II. Nearly 1000 of these variants helped the Allied Forces to drop their troops on the D-Day at the beach of Normandy.

Blériot XI


The aviation engineer and pioneer by the name of Louis Blériot 2was so inspired by the work of Wright Brothers that he designed his own version of their aircraft.

His aircraft was a monoplane which became the first ever aircraft to be heavier than air and to travel across the English Channel.

Cessna 172

No aircraft has been sold more than the Cessna 172 Skyhawks yet. The aircraft which was released back in 1956 was a 4 seat and a single engine aircraft that was a high wing personal aircraft. Nearly 43000 of these aircraft were sold and they are still in production.

The success of Cessna 172 Skyhawks is what dove the Cessna Aircraft Company to be a dominant force in the light aircraft industry.

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