SpaceX Investors Claim that In 10 Years Company Possibly Do Flights From London To New York In Mere 29 Minutes

The futurists have been long proposing the ideas of the amazing technological advancements like flying cars, food pills as well as the robot home assistants that will completely revolutionize the world as we know it. Although technology has changed the lives of us humans most of it has been carried out in fields like communication, online activity, and consumer services. Technology has only provided us with ease and convenience.

Everything that a person today needs can be delivered right at their doorsteps all the while taking filtered photos and posting and conversing about them on social media sites.

While this is the norm nowadays, some bright minds are still giving us ordinary humans glimpses of the future with their otherworldly technological wonders. They are trying to make things happen which will completely make the world a better place.

Among such people one name that stands in the top 5 is the Elon Musk. He is a South African Entrepreneur who founded and designed SpaceX. In addition to this rocket company, he is also the founder as well as the CEO of Tesla Inc and the CEO of SolarCity. According to the list of world’s billionaires, he has a massive net worth of 21 billion dollars.

His projects of Tesla and SolarCity are striving to make the world not only better but also cleaner, greener as well as sustainable for the future. Unfortunately, these companies are being slowed down in their progress with lawsuits along with other issues.


The one project of the company that is growing strong day by day is the SpaceX.

SpaceX project has launched several of the successful rocket launches that helped the SpaceX Company to be placed at the front of exploring the space and the entire space travel industry.

The latest headlines that shook the world were when a Swiss Investment company by the name UBS claimed that SpaceX will soon make the long haul flight a thing of the past. The reason is that the company will be making its first manned ground flight in 2023 on its Starship Rocket which will fly at the speed of 18000mph.

The financial analysts of UBS named Jarrod Castle and Myles Walton said in a statement, “While some people might think of the potential of using the space for a service instead of long haul flights as science fiction, we believe that there is actually a large market for it.”

They further said, “Although the space tourism is still in its early stages, we believe that as the technology becomes proven and safer, the cost of the tours will fall down drastically with all the new technology and competition. In the future, space travel will become a more mainstream that it is today.”

SpaceX’s starship rockets are currently on their route to allow humans to travel moon and mars, the investors from UBS believe that the real potential for these rockets actually lies in replacing them for long haul flights of the Earth. They believe that by 2030, the trip from London to New York which is currently a mind-boggling and tiring 20 hours long flight will be reduced by a huge margin.

It is not known as to how they come up with the figure, but the company believes that the travel from London to New York will be reduced to a mere 29 minutes journey. As for confirmation of the plans about this space edge travel to replace long haul flights, SpaceX has still not commented over it.

The Starship rockets are only designed to accommodate the service to 100 people, which means that only the really wealthy could afford it.  As for the rest of us, we will just have to continue with our economy seat flights on normal airplanes.

The investors did not stop at just that but they also claimed that hotels are currently all lined up for letting them build rooms on space stations for space tourists.

They continued their speculating spree as they said that the tours to other planets will also become a reality.

Investors also speculated that the space industry which is currently worth at 400 billion dollars will be worth about double at 800 billion dollars by 2030.

The reactions of ordinary folks to these speculations are as follows.

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