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Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappearance and conspiracy theories behind it

On March 4th, 2014 a Malaysia Airlines flight no. MH370 was scheduled for an international flight from Kuala Lampoor international Airport, Malaysia and was headed towards its destination in Beijing Capital International Airport in China.

However the flight mysteriously disappeared during its journey and still to this date after 4 years, not even the aircraft has been discovered, much less the passengers. The cause of this disappearance still remains unknown.

However in January this year, two large pieces of an aircraft have been discovered from the bottom of the Indian Ocean this year and many are claiming that these are the remains of the missing MH370 flight.

The plane has simply vanished without any trace along with its 227 passengers onboard.

The wrecks found in January at the Indian Ocean this year have been identified as the pieces of a 19th-century merchant vessel.

Still, after four years of disappearance and no clue as to how it simply vanished literally in thin air, there have been lots of conspiracy theories about its disappearance.

For our reader today we present to you some of these conspiracy theories.

Someone found it on Google Earth:-

An Australian engineer named Peter McMahon made the claim that he found something which appears to be the wreckage of the vanished MH370 aircraft on Google Earth in the same area where the plane disappeared. He made the claim that he found the wreckage which appears to be riddled with bullet holes. McMahon also made claims that investigators do not want to search the area because they are hiding some crucial information related to the vanishing.

The Aircraft has been stolen:-

The pilot of the plane named Captain Zaharie Shah, moments before the disappearance listed the location of a small island by name Diego Garcia located northeast of Australia on his flight simulator. The conspiracy theorist made claims that the plane might have been stolen and hidden somewhere by terrorists in either North Pakistan or have been stolen by the North Korean leader Kim Jung Un.

Pilot committed suicide:-

Some conspiracy theorists go even this far with their claims that the Pilot might have deliberately crashed the aircraft in his well-planned suicide.

The theory suggests that he the captain crashed the plane in an area of ocean which is nearly 25000 feet deep and it would have been impossible for the search party to locate it.

It may have been already found but hidden from the world:-

One vessel earlier in 2018 which was searching for MH370 suddenly disappeared from radar for three days after turning off its tracking system. The plane remained undetected for nearly 80 hours and suddenly appeared back on the radar.

The theorist suggests that during this time period, the rescue boats might have found the plane and covered up the story from the world for some unknown reasons.

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