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VietJet Air; Brand new Air Airbus A321neo loses both its nose gear tires upon landing at Buon Ma Thuot Airport in Vietnam

On November 28th, 2018; a brand new Airbus A321neo of the VietJet airline which was headed for ad domestic flight from Ho Chi Minh City airport towards the Buon Ma Thuot Airport in Vietnam lost both of its nose gear landing tires after it suffered from a hard landing.

There were 207 passengers and crew members onboard the ship. Out of the 207 passengers, 6 got inured baldy and were immediately taken after evacuation. To evacuate the passengers from the plane, emergency slides were used.

After the bad landing incident, emergency services immediately rushed on the scene. Upon landing the two front wheels of the plane were lost and a loud noise of the plane while it slid on the runway was heard s it slowed down. Passengers onboard started to panic and cry out of fear.

During the evacuation procedure, many passengers pushed other passengers aside to rush out of the plane as fast as possible.

One of the passengers onboard explained to the Vietnamese Newspaper ‘Noichungla’ that, “after the impact, a call was made by the pilot to evacuate the plane. All f the passengers evacuated the plane and six passengers who got hurt were taken to the hospital”.

The Airbus A321neo which was registered VN-A653 had entered the VietJet’s fleet only 15 days ago on November 15th, 2018. An investigation has been placed in order by the Vietnamese Aviation Authorities.

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