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Fascinating Facts about the SR-71 Blackbird, the Fastest Plane on Earth

Today for our readers we have decided to introduce to you the military aircraft that is regarded as “The Fastest plane on Earth”. With this claim, only many of you might have realized that it is the famed “SR-71 Blackbird”.

For our readers today we have decided to introduce to you some of the most fascinating facts about the Blackbird. So have fun reading this joy ride of information down below.

Birth of the Blackbird:-

SR-71 Blackbird was originally designed and developed by the Lockheed Martin back in the ’60s.  The first official flight taken off by this aircraft was back in 1964.  It was retired by NASA back in 1999. It is regarded not only as the fastest plane in the history of the planet but also the greatest aircraft for spy missions.

Top Speed:-

Although it is known that bit is the fastest pane ever to take flight but did you knew how much fast did it fly? Well, let us tell you that in July of 1976, its fastest speed was recorded to be 2193.13 mph. as a bonus, the picture above was taken right after this speed was recorded.

The story of its nickname “Blackbird”:-

The aircraft earned itself the name Blackbird because of its stealth capabilities. According to the pilot who flew it for the first time; Richard Graham, it was extremely quiet in the cockpit that you could even hear the sound of a pin dropping. The view was also so spectacular, being able to see the curvature of the earth and the black space above earth filled with stars”.

Amazing radar and mapping capabilities:-

The Blackbird’s mapping of the terrain is amazing as it was able to map the terrain like side-scanning radar. If the radar was aimed at a 45 degrees angle, it could disrupt any enemy communication and radar signals easily.

Max speed, it was built for:-

Blackbird Bird was built to fly up to a speed of Mach 3.4 speeds which calculate into 2500 mph on land measurements. Obviously, it reached that seed and a tad beyond it.

Fascinating evasive maneuvers:-

In the 25 years of its service, Blackbird had 4000 missiles fired towards it but amazingly not even a single missile hit it. The reason was that it was too fast and could perform fascinating evasive maneuvers and the missiles shot towards it could not keep up with it.

R2-D2 Sensor:-

Blackbird has the navigation system which is named as “R2-D2”. The system was so powerful that it was able to detect up to 61 stars in the broad daylight time and all this when it was still on the ground.

Material for the construction:-

Blackbird required large amounts of Titanium metal for its construction. To build this aircraft CIA had to make up fake companies all around the globe to buy this metal from USSR at that time. USSR during that time was the biggest supplier of the metal and also the strongest enemy of USA.

The camera of the aircraft:-

The care that was installed on the Blackbird was so advanced that when it took a photo of a driving car from a  height of 80,000 feet while it was traveling at a speed of 2000 mph, even the number plate of the car was clearly visible in the photograph.

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