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Lion Air flight 610 crash; Law firm files lawsuit against Boeing on behalf of plane crash victim

On 15th November 2018, Curtis Miner, the attorney, and partner at the Colson Hicks Edison law firm based in Coral-Gabes, Florida; lead counsel for the plaintiff announced the news of filing a lawsuit on behalf of one of the passengers on the Lion Air Flight 610. The suit was filed against The Boeing Company who manufactured the Being 737 Max 8 Aircraft that crashed on 29th October 2018 13 minutes after it departed from the airport.

Miner released a statement saying, “We have filed this report against the Boeing Company in the Circuit Court of Cook County in Illinois. This is where Boeing is headquartered and on behalf of our clients; the parents of deceased Dr. Rio Nanda Pratama, who died on when the Lion Air flight 610 crashed into the sea. In this tragic event, Dr. Pratama who was a young medical doctor was flying back home form a conference and was to get married this week”.

Previously Colson Hicks Edison law firm has handled many international aviation accidents on behalf of passengers for past 50 years. The previously also handled the crash case of the Lion Air flight 538 in Solo City, Indonesia back on November 30th, 2004.

the father of the late Dr. Rio Nanda Pratama; H. Irianto also stated, “all of the families of the victims want to know the truth and cause of this tragedy so the same mistakes could be avoided in the future and those who are responsible for these mistakes could be brought to court. I only seek justice for not only my son but for all the people who lost their lives in that crash”.

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