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How-to Guide for Disinfecting The Airplane Seat

How-to Guide for Disinfecting The Airplane Seat

We want you to imagine a Petri dish that is filled with bacteria swimming all around in it and now we want you to imagine that this same situation is present with a reclined function with limited space for legs. This is what a typical airplane seat truly is.

How-to Guide for Disinfecting The Airplane Seat

As per the numerous studies conducted, it has been found with concrete evidence that the cabin of the airplane is riddled with filth on all its surfaces.

How-to Guide for Disinfecting The Airplane Seat

For example, take a tray table of the average airplane seat; this tray table contains a lot of bacteria population as compared to the toilet seat of a home bathroom.

How-to Guide for Disinfecting The Airplane Seat

Some other spots on aircraft that are riddled with these germs include the following.

  • Buckles of seatbelts
  • Pockets on the back of seats
  • Top of the seats

How-to Guide for Disinfecting The Airplane Seat

Top of the airplane seat is especially filthy and have germs squirming over them because of the countless number of people touching them as they walk in and out of the airplane to gain balance since the time airplane was used for flights.

But for all of you germaphobes, we have some good news to prevent you from spending your vacations from coughing your lungs out. There are some really small steps that one can perform when there are assigned to their bacteria riddled airplane seat. Below we present a how-to guide on disinfecting your airplane seat and also bolster up your immunes system to have an ailment free travel plan.

You might get a few weird looks from the nearby passengers on the aircraft.  But with the help of a moderate tolerance as well as the few easy to obtain supplies, you can be the seater of the cleanest seat present at the time on the aircraft.

Packing the Disinfecting Wipes

How-to Guide for Disinfecting The Airplane Seat

This step needs a little bit of planning on part of the passenger as to what kind of wet wipes they do need to use for disinfecting the airplane seat. The said passenger can choose a brand that is common which has about 9 to 15 of the wet wipes and has an intense smell, particularly of lemon. The other option is to go ahead and choose the antibacterial wet wipes that are of medical grade and have a mild scent. These wet wipes are also handy in not only disinfecting one’s airplane seat but also their hands and face. Another option in order to disinfect the airplane seats is to use Purcell on the ordinary wet wipes.

Take out the Wipes as soon as after boarding the airplane

How-to Guide for Disinfecting The Airplane Seat

Packing is only but the first step in the long run of disinfecting the airplane seat. After the passenger with germ phobia has boarded the airplane, they need to overcome the minor hesitation of taking out their stuff after boarding the airplane.  They need to take out their wet wipes out of their hand luggage and start doing the disinfecting process.

We recommend using the following mind tip to pretend that he stares from the other passengers are not of weirdness but instead are of envy. They are envious that you are prepared to have a germ free journey while they have to sit in that Petri dish of the seats.

Using the Wipes in the right manner

How-to Guide for Disinfecting The Airplane Seat

There is only one way to use the wet wipes for disinfecting the airplane’s seat but there are many wrong ways to do the job.

The only way to disinfect the aircraft seat is to wipe the hard and non-porous surfaces with thoroughness. Be sure to read the instructions on the back of the wet wipes’ package and follow them. These instructions will tell a person as to how long a certain surface needs to remain visibly wet. The average time for a seat to remain wet with the fluid of the wet wipes is in between 30 seconds to 3 minutes. This is the time when the germ-killing function of the wet wipes starts happening and this is why this process does not need to be rushed.

This is going to make the stares of the fellow passengers a bit intensified but be tolerant towards these stares as your health comes above everything else.

Not using wipes on the Upholstered Surfaces

How-to Guide for Disinfecting The Airplane Seat

The pone place you do not need to use these wet wipes upon re the upholstered surfaces. This is not going to work at all and is instead going to make the fabric of the airplane seat wet, thus giving rise to a whole new problem.

For those of you who are worried about getting exposed to the germs on these upholstered surfaces, we recommend travelling with a disposable cover for the airplane seat. For those who want to be eco-friendly, you can buy the ones that are washable. Also, be sure to buy the tray table covers as well.

Small disposable covers are nowadays available for the headrest and even the armrest of the airplane seat.

Refrain from using the Seatback Pockets

How-to Guide for Disinfecting The Airplane Seat

No other pocket needs disinfection as the seatback pocket of the airplane. This seat pocket is the home to billions of nasty germs and is regarded as one of the places with the most concentration of the bacteria.

If you happen to be the person who often uses these seatback pockets for strong their water bottles or to place their bag of potato chips or even the stuff like headphones or caps, we strongly recommend staying clear of doing this.

There are other options for the seatback pockets such as the Zipper Travel bag. This bag is an excellent alternative instead of using the seatback pockets. The bag is washable and can be helpful in travel for many years.

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