Best Beaches For Airline Crew to Find Near Charlotte, North Carolina

The coast of the North Carolina is a stunning place that is encapsulated with a barrier of islands as well as rarely crowded beaches that are a beauty to behold. Still, there are some really busy beaches like the ones that are near Wilmington and Outer Banks. As for the lighthouses that are built along the coast of North Carolina are some of the most gorgeous looking and romantic ones in the entire country.

Each of the many beaches near Charlotte, North Carolina has their own different vibe and amazing attractions. As for the location of all the beaches on coast of North Carolina, they are only with a drive of few hours from Charlotte. So if you are looking for beaches near me then you have come to the right place. We bring to you a list of the best beaches for airline crew to find near Charlotte, North Carolina.

Bald Head Island

Bald Head Island is a place that is located merely on a 20-minute ferry ride from mainland. As for the place itself, it seems to be a world that is separated from the hustle and bustle life of everyday. Visitors also leave their cars on the mainland to reach this mesmerizing island in hopes to let go of their stress.

The island’s journey is about two miles; starting from a little town called Southport located in North Carolina. The ferry rides is taken over the Cape Fear River to arrive t the island. In addition to coming to the trip straightforward, one can also take a small trip to stop at the state’s oldest standing lighthouse; Old Baldy Site, which was built back in 1817.

As for the Bald Head Island itself, it boasts an area of around 10000 acres of the natural marshes, beaches, and maritime forest preserves.

Carolina Beach

The atmosphere of Carolina Beach is more like a laid-back and relaxed beach. Many people in the country consider Carolina Beach to be one of the most modest beaches in the entire country alongside the Atlantic Coast. These reasons alone make this beach to be a good choice for people who are looking for an ideal beach to simply lay back and relax.

Beach activities are not the only fun activities to enjoy here. The beach is well-known for hosting many great events like the Carolina Beach Music Festival and daily live performances by aspiring musicians. As for the beach’s highlight, it is definitely its vintage boardwalk which features several fine eateries and shops. This boardwalk is recognized nationally as the place to have the old-style beach fun but with a modern twist.

Carova Beach

Carova is the place that can be called as the last part of the Outer Banks of North Carolina state. This place is well-known among beach enthusiasts for its many miles of privacy that one enjoys on its white sandy beaches. The other things that the place is famous for is its beach houses scattered all across the beach along with wild mustangs. These gorgeous horses roam on the beach freely and sometimes in the little residential areas of the Carova beach.

If you are looking for beaches near me where you can find some relaxation and peace while lounging under the yellow umbrella and catch up with friends & family; Carova Beach is the place to be. The water of the sea near Carova Beach remains warm at a constant level during summer and in the start of the fall period.

Corolla Beach

Another well-known vacation destination located in Outer Banks region is Corolla. Also, like many of the other places in the area, the main attraction of Corolla is the Corolla Beach. Corolla is a place that is renowned for having a long stretch of an unspoiled beach without having and 4-wheel drive traffic, commercial boardwalks, or other business development of the sorts all of this allows Corolla Beach to be a perfect beach for families who wish to have a large expanse of sand to play on.

Due to the Corolla Beach being a relatively small vacation destination, it is filled with tourists and people can have a hard time finding just the right spot to lay down their beach towel and enjoy the warmth of the sun on their skin.

Emerald Isle

One of the most stunning beaches located along America’s Atlantic Coast; Emerald Isle offers its visors with an atmosphere of tranquility unlike any other sandy white shore with blue waters ahead of it.

The beach along with its surrounding area was designed back in 1920s to offer tourists a great summer vacation destination. The original idea for the beach was to create a massive Ocean resort but the plans never came to fruition. The park and public beach of Emerald Isle offer various amnesties to its visitors like playgrounds, kayak launches, volleyball courts, and picnic pavilions. Due to Emerald Isle being a popular tourist destination, it can be crowded given the time of the year on arrives here.

Kure Beach

One of the smaller North Carolina town beaches is the Kure Beach with the atmosphere that allows its visitors to feel relaxed and far away from the troubles of their everyday lives. The beach’s most popular attraction is its vintage fishing pier. In fact this fishing pier is so old that there is no other that comes close to it in the entire east Coast.

As for the other attraction of Kure Beach that makes it one of the underrated beaches near Charlotte, North Carolina include an Oceanfront Park, state aquarium, the historic Fort Fisher Site, and stunning seaside surroundings. With a reputation of being a family-friendly beach, Kure Beach is regarded as the natural playground beach for children. In fact, there is actually a real playground that has seaside swings in the Oceanfront Park.

Lake Norman State Park

The place called Lake Norman State Park is a place in the North Carolina state that boasts the title of being the man-made largest lake. The lake has a popular network of trails for visitors to do activities like mountain biking. A single trail can cover a distance of around 30 miles.

Nearby this park is the bathhouse complex with a beach that is about 125 yards in length. The park also offers its visitors to do fishing along the trails and on the boating ramp. This state park is also well-known for its camping ground that offers group camping sites as well as individual camping areas for 32 people. The camping ground is only opened for use during summer season. Camping round includes a community building along with fireplace, few restrooms, and kitchen facilities that can all be rented out.

Masonboro Island

Located near Wilmington, North Carolina, Masonboro Island is a place that one can only reach by taking a ferry ride or via private boat ride. As for taking the private boat or ferry; both of them are launched from the Carolina Beach and Wrightsville Beach as well as additional boating ramps from the New Hanover Count Trails End Park.

The trail on this island offers the visitors access to reach its beach from the areas where boat lands. Masonboro Island allows camping in primitive style within tents along with advertisements for visitors to use the areas that have camps on them. As for the ferries, they usually land on the north or south areas of the island.

Myrtle Beach

Who here has not heard the name of Myrtle Beach as it is one of the most well-known beaches in entire country. The place is popular for its various fine attractions, amazing restaurants and hotels. The city is definitely among the list of top tourist destination spots along the Atlantic Cost and especially in North Carolina.

While it is located in south instead of North Carolina, it still has the reputation for being a great beach choice for folks in Charlotte. Visitors here can find many amazing restaurants, arcades, and shops along the boardwalk of the beach located at the Grand Strand and has one of the America’s tallest Ferris wheels; the SkyWheel. The Grand Strand happens to be a series of beaches that spans for almost 60 miles.

Nags Head

Nags Head is a beach that is consistent of some little family cottages and hotels that have been there since the beach started back in the 1800s. Tourists of the beach can still few of these historic cottages that are located in the area of Jockey’s Ridge State Park, which is most historically important landmark of this town.

This park happens to be one of the tallest sand dune system located in the eastern part of USA which offers a view of the whole area unlike any other. As for the oceanfront of this beach, it is place offering lots of parking space as well as public access way towards the beach. The whole area has a little family-run business which gives a vibe of a mall roadside beach town. Visit of this shop is a must as it offers the peace and calm that so many crave for during the vacation.

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