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Avoid doing these things at an Airport

The airport can be really stressful for anyone and especially for the ones who go there for the first time. There are a lot of things that one should remember about what they should or should not do at an airport.

In order to help our first-time airport goers, we have listed down all the possible things that one should avoid doing at an airport.

Get drunk

Even if you are going to the airport for catching a flight that will take you to your dream vacation we advise strongly about not getting involved with alcohol too much. The advice here is to keep yourself restrained from alcohol until you reach the destination.

The thing about alcohol is that it makes you lose control of yourself and during the flight when you are flying in a tight air sealed cabin; your mind will get groggy and make you do things that you are going to regret. Plus, nobody likes a person that loses all sense of civility in such conditions.

A person needs to have a clear head until they board their flight because often there are some last-minute gate changes or changes in the operation of the emergency exit doors. If you are drunk you are going to miss out on all these details and might have a strong chance of missing your flight and the next flight might not be available soon.


There are advice time and time again as to how one should not book a flight for the night time. The reason is that our biological clock demands us to sleep at night and no matter how hard we try to fight this urge, at some point in time we are going to give in. So if you have booked a flight for let’s say about 2 am in the morning, and arrived at the airport at about 12 am, you will be resisting the strong urge to sleep. This is going to turn out a real battle with your own self. However, no matter what you do, do not give in to that sweet embrace of sleep because if you think you are going to have a short nap, you are going to end up sleeping on the airport and next thing you know, you are stranded with your flight long gone.

After you board the flight, you can have plenty of time to sleep and relax.

Lose your temper

A trip to the airport is filled with many things that are going to make a person lose their temper in a few minutes. While there are sometimes reasonable causes for having a temper but the social civility is one thing that nobody should let go of at all times. There is nothing that gives a person a right to behave with the airport staff in a rude manner and give them a tough time just because your flight is having a delay or you did not get your specified meal on the flight. This is not their fault at all but is instead of the airlines’. So, you should not flare your tempers towards them and be a civil person.

Chat up the check-in staff

Nobody likes to have lecherous comments being made towards them. If a staff member at the check-in has smiled at you this does not mean that they are giving you an invitation to come and start chatting with them.  These people are trained personnel who are taught to be courteous to all passengers alike. Do not go to them and start flirting in case if it’s a female worker or even a male worker. Wait patiently for your turn and avoid any useless conversation. Haven’t you heard that silence is silver?

Jump the queue

The trip to an airport can be a really hasty one especially if a person has arrived at the airport without considering the unexpected extra time that they might have to suffer from troubles like going to the bathroom or their flight suffering from delay and to find for an alternative flight. The flight delays are often resulted due to the failure in the computer systems of the airport and these unexpected troubles, even if they happen a little, should be kept in mind.

Also, do not let your civil manners aside if a person in front of you is having trouble understanding necessary things during eh scanning process of the boarding pass. Do not start pushing them in the long-standing queue just so you could board the plane fast.

Try to be funny

One thing that the airport surely is not for is humor. For example, if at the check-in, the staff asks if anyone else has helped you pack the bag then never say that a shady person approached me. Sometimes it is going to put a smile on their faces but things can often backfire and the next thing you know, you are finding yourself on the ground by the security staff and that bag of your gets blown up in what is the controlled explosion.

Play videos really loudly on your phone

Waiting for the flight can be agonizing at times and what do you do at these moments?  Well, the age of technology has provided the means of entertainment in the form of smartphones and other devices right in your hand. You have now a whole collection of videos on your phones that you can start watching anywhere. But another civil thing here is to refrain from playing these videos in loud sounds. Be a good fellow and invest a little in headphones if you will. Nobody likes an annoying passenger whether it is at the airport or on the flight.

Believe the sudden change in status on the departure board from Delayed to BOARDING!

Often you arrive at the airport and realize that you are flight is delayed. You take this time as a blessing to go to the washroom to freshen up a little bit or sit down in the airport restaurants to have a little drink or food. But suddenly you are informed that the status of the flight has been changed to boarding from delayed. You start rushing to the check-in gate but then you are stuck for one more hour because the flight has not started the abrading quite yet. The thing is that the airport staff often does this for humor.

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Written by Crew Daily

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