Absolutely Free Things You Can Get During Your Flight

Those travelers who frequently travel by airplanes, they are aware of the fact that airlines offer some really nice services for free during a flight. Only a short number of air travelers are aware of this fact while the others remain in dark. In fact, most passengers think that if they demand these things during flight, the airlines will charge them for extra money. Well, that is certainly not the case.


For our readers who are planning for air travel soon, you might especially benefit from our today;’ article.

We present to you some of the absolutely free things you can get during your flight. You do not need to worry about them as the title says they are absolutely free of cost. So be sure to give it a try asking for any of them on your next trip.

Accessories for your comfort


Blankets, pillows and sleeping masks are on the list of every passenger travel luggage; even if it is going to be a short flight. While most of them forget about little things like if you want to get comfortable during a long flight and want to take off your shoes. In such a case, you can ask the flight attendant for a free pair of disposable socks or slippers.

On long flights, airlines provide passengers with personal hygiene kits. These kits have items like toothpaste, soap and some sanitizing wipes. Some airlines also include in this kit a lip balm and hand cream.

Special menu

Special menu

If a person books a flight beforehand; preferably 24 hours, they can ask for a special meal from airlines if they suffer from some dietary issue. Most airlines offer a wide range of following meals.

  • Dietary
  • For children
  • Vegetarian
  • Kosher

You do not have to worry about the money as it is completely free of cost service.

Snacks and a Coke


When on a plane, passengers have the right to ask for either a bag of chips or peanuts. Unfortunately, nowadays this service is only provided by a few airlines. However, you can politely request the flight attendant for one if they have any extras left.

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate

On an average airline flight, the sot common beverages are often as follows.

  • Water
  • Tea
  • Coffee

However, many of the big airlines in the world have expanded their beverages menu to facilitate the needs of passengers. For example, hot chocolate is now also an available option for beverages on an airplane. Simply ask the flight attendant for a cup of hot chocolate politely. If they have it on the menu they will serve it.

Comfortable seats

Comfortable seats

When a person purchases their airplane ticket, they can talk to the airline for providing him or her with a seat that offers lots of leg space for stretching. If a person does this simple discussion when buying a ticket, their travel will be extra comfortable. While some might offer them for free, others ask for a small fee to provide this increased passenger comfort.

As for in-flight, flight attendants also help a passenger change their seat if any free extra space seats are available.

Second Meal

Second Meal

Food is the thing that is included in a ticket price. While airplanes offer one meal per customer, some of them have different appetites. If you feel hungry even after eating your share of the allotted meal, do not be hesitant to politely ask for another meal. If there are extra meals left, the flight attendant will gladly give it to you.

Crew member usually accepts these small requests as most passengers often skip meals leaving extra food to go to waste.

Basic medicines and bandages


All airlines provide on their airplanes the necessary and most required medications. Any passenger on board has the right to ask for free medications like painkillers, antiemetics, antihistamines, etc.

In case of medical emergency, flight attendants have been trained to provide the first aid as well.

Short-term babysitting


In today’s world, air travel has become child-friendly. Babies can be placed in their free bassinet for the entire fight. Just make sure to ask the airline for booking a special seat where a bassinet can be installed.

As for when the parent has to go to the bathroom, flight attendants are willing to look after their children for a few minutes.



Airlines offer their passengers with multitudes of in-flight entertainments all of which are free and can be as follows.

  • Bright magazines
  • Radio speakers
  • Built-in monitors for watching movies and TV shows

Cockpit tour

Cockpit tour

Some airlines encourage a passenger’s passion for being knowledgeable about aviation. While onboard, a passenger will never be able to hear this service. However, they can politely ask the flight attendant for letting their kid see the cockpit. The chances that the crew allows such a cockpit tour are great when the plane has landed after the flight.

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