Top 10 Luxurious Private Jets Celebrities Own

When a person becomes a top-notch celebrity in the field of the entertainment world, their fan base also sees a massive hike. Be it singers, models, TV hosts or actors, they all have to entertain a lot of people around the globe. Sometimes in order to entertain their fans in public appearances, they have to travel to the furthest regions of their country or sometimes even outside of the country. While a few years back, this would have been major problems for celebrities, but nowadays, this is not much of a problem.

The air travel has made great strides with airplane manufacturing companies bringing out new and improved airplanes to serve these celebrities. As for celebrities they are also not behind as they make millions they can easily afford some of these luxurious airplanes.

For our readers today we have made a list of top 10 luxurious private jets celebrities own. The list is mainly comprised of some of the legendary names in the fields of acting, singing and one even from the world of politics. A hint, this politics guy is fairly popular. Can You Guess Him?


First up on our list is the famous American rapper, singer, composer, and songwriter Jay-Z. Jay-Z is one of the richest singers in the world and his massive net worth has allowed him to be the proud owner of a Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet on which he often travels the world for concerts with his lovely wife Beyonce. This luxury jet comes with not only a complete and stylish living room that is decked with leather entirely but is also able to accommodate several other people. Beyonce and Jay-Z along with their daughter Blue Ivy often take trips around the world.

Tom Cruise

Gulfstream IV got his fame from a famous role in the movie Top Gun where he flies a fighter jet. Our guess is that he also loved this role and that is the reason that he actually bought himself a luxurious private jet.

Well whatever the reason might be, Tom Cruise is actually the owner of the Gulfstream IV which is regarded as one of the fastest and the most comfortable private aircraft across the world.

Bill Gates

Well, Bill Gates is a name that is not a surprise to anyone, Man was literally the richest man of the planet for many years due to his mega tech company Microsoft. Nowadays he is more focused on his Philanthropic activities which require him to often take around the globe trips.

While he can afford the fits class tickets on any airline he prefers to still travel in style; one of the great perks of being one of the top richest men. For his many trips around the globe, he uses his own Bombardier BD-700 Global Expressa aircraft.  The aircraft has been styled in accordance to taste of Bill Gates; stylish yet simple.

Donald Trump

Well, the name that is currently reigning supreme in terms of popularity is the current US President Donald J. Trump. The man had power and wealth well before he became the president of the USA.

Trump like many other luxuries in the world also owns his own private jet which he named as Trump Force One after becoming the president.  This is actually a Boeing 757 which has been fully remodeled to accommodate a few handful of people instead of its usually hundreds of people accommodation ability.

Celine Dion

For many years, Canadian singer Celine Dion has been ranked in the list of the richest singer across the world many times. The singer has a soulful voice that can melt the heart of listeners. She has a very high demand for private shows from all across the world and that is why she often needs to travel out of the country.  For that reason and her own personal trips, she happens to own a Bombardier BD-700 Express.

Oprah Winfrey

The famed TV show host Oprah Winfrey is one of the richest reality TV show hosts in the world with a net worth that is reportedly reached 1 billion dollars. Well with this much net worth it is not a problem for her to shell out a mere 45 million dollars for buying her own Bombardier BD-700 Global Express XRS.

The plane with its long-range combined with its top speed all the while having a comfortable interior is able to take its passengers anywhere across the world.

Jim Carrey

Many might not know that the best comedian in Hollywood; Jim Carrey is not only a man with talent to make anyone laugh but also happens to be an aviation enthusiast. His enthusiasm and love for planes can be evident from his privately owned and luxurious Gulfstream V. the aircraft is renowned for being not only a comfortable one but also because of its performances as well as its safety features.

John Travolta

Boeing 707 not only owns his own Boeing 707 but also happens to have an honorary pilot’s license from Qantas; The Australian Aircraft company. So far, Travolta has already flown 35000 miles on his own on the airplane.

To top it off the crazy rich and aviation enthusiast celebrity chart; Travolta actually parks his Boeing 707 at his own home.

Angelina Jolie

The world-renowned actress Cirrus SR22 is the proud owner of the Cirrus SR22 aircraft. She is actually quite good at flying it and regularly flies it. She also happens to be working in order to obtain the pilot’s license.

Harrison Ford

Last but not least is the name known for his legendary roles in the Indian Jones franchise. The man of the hour is Harrison Ford. when the man is not roaming through the jungles of the word or the deserts across the globe; he is actually flying in his own luxurious private jet the CitationJet CJ3.

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