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10 Most Incredibly Themed Airplanes

Nowadays it is quite easy to takes to see which airplane belongs to which airlines. The reason for that is simple as all airplanes from a certain airline hold the logo of the said airline. However, in the past couple of years, many of the airlines have gone one step above and beyond in order to make their airline design and livery up a notch.

Today for our readers, we present to you a list of 10 most incredibly themed airplanes.

Alaska Airlines: Disneyland Logo


First up on the list is Alaska Airlines, which is renowned for making some of the coolest designs and themed airplanes. The Alaska Airlines featured a plane that donned the famous signature “Disneyland” logo which had on t numerous Disney character like the following.

  • Mickey and Minnie
  • Cars

All Nippon Airways: Star Wars

Next up is the All Nippon Airways and their R2D2 themed aircraft which is a treat for the Star Wars fans. The airplane was up and ready to soar by 2015. With the All Nippon Airways Star Wars themed aircraft, it was the world’s very first Star Wars character imprinted on exterior aircraft to fly.

The name was featured with the signature colors of blue and silver; the important features of the R2-D2 along with a huge logo of Star Wars on the side with the forint half of the aircraft looking like a Droid.

Hawaiian Airlines: Moanna

While Moanna did not hit theaters until November 24th of 2018, Hawaiian Airways decided to present the famed Moanna character on their airplanes.  Hawaiian Airlines featuring the famed Maui presented the Moanna theme on three of their Airbus 330s.

The airplanes were designed in collaboration with “The Walt Disney Studios”. All of these aircraft are flying around the country on a regular schedule for domestic flights.

Iron Maiden’s New Boeing 747

Whenever the massive 747-400 lands on an airport, it is bound to grab the attention of a lot of viewers. However, when the ironically designed 747 arrives on any airport with its Iron maiden logo along with the mascot picture of Eddie; the scene is quite stirred for not only the music lovers but also for normal folks.

The Iron Maiden’s 7478 is also nicknamed as the “Ed Force One”. The aircraft was designed to promote n support the band’s world tour called “Book of Souls”. The left seat at the controls of the aircraft is for the lead singer of Iron Maiden; Bruce Dickinson. Bruce also happens to be the chairman of the Cardiff Aviation which is an airline based in South Wales, United Kingdom.

Eva Air’s Hello Kitty Planes

When it comes to the cutest themed aircraft, then the award goes to the Eva Air who decided to partner with the famed kid’s brand “Hello Kitty”. In this collaboration, Eva Air designed their Boeing 777-300Er by painting as far as 19 characters of not only Hello Kitty but also of Dear Daniel.

WestJet: Frozen-themed livery

This one is our favorite on the list by far. The WestJet designed a cool “Frozen” themed aircraft. For that purpose, they had to make use of 70 gallons of paint to create the Frozen movie them over their Boeing 737. On this Frozen Themed aircraft, all the main characters of the movie; Elsa, Anna, and Olaf, were painted.

This was WestJet second collaboration with the “Walt Disney Studios”. The tail end of the aircraft is featured with a big portrait of Elsa as Ice Queen while the other side of the aircraft features Anna. All of this livery makes the airplane look eye-catching.

Air New Zealand: Dragon Smaug

Prior to the second release of the second film of prequel series of the famed “Lord of The Rings” franchise; The Hobbit Trilogy, Air New Zealand made collaboration with the studios. In this collaboration, they featured a livery of amazing images of the Dragon Smaug over their aircraft.

The 54 feet in length logo of the dragon has been featured on either side of the massive Boeing 777-300.

Alaska Airlines: The Flying Salmon

Many of you might have heard about the flying fishes but none of you might have heard of a Salmon flying in their air at massive speeds of 600 mph. well hold your horses, it’s not a real fish but a livery introduced by the Alaska Airlines on one of their aircraft. The airline featured a picture of a Salmon on their aircraft.

WestJet: Disney Magic Plane

Another amazing collaboration between the WestJet, WestJet Vacations, as well as the Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, presented a cool looking aircraft livery. The aircraft was presented to the world back in 2013. The design of this one of akin aircraft features nearly 36 different magical Disney characters which were painted by nearly 26 master painters from across the world. These painters worked round the clock in order to complete the painting job in a mere 24 days.

All Nippon Airways: Pokémon Plane

When it comes to cartoon themed aircraft, the title of being the pioneer goes to All Nippon Airways and their many cartoon painted aircraft. Prior to their Hello Kitty aircraft, they presented to the Pokémon crazed word the Pokémon Themed aircraft. The livery was not the only thing on the exterior as the airline took a step to a new extreme by taking this design to the inside as well.

This Pokémon themed and styled 4 aircraft were featured by All Nippon Airways back in 1998. A traveler of one of these four aircraft can also see the Pokémon characters painted both on the outside as well as on the inside.

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