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Tips to get a bump up to the Business Class

What is the best mode of transportation in these modern times to reach from one place to another in the shortest amount of time? Well, what else, it is travel by airplane. Still, air travel has its own discriminating classes which depend upon the amount of airfare one pays. There is the economy class that a vast majority chooses and then there are Business and First Class seats which are as if flying in a castle.

The thing is that not many of us could ever afford to have the luxury of flying in business class. However, today we come to you with a few tips to help get you to bump up to the Business Class.

Travelling during quite times

Most of us tend to fly during the busy workdays and holiday period when the airlines are practically overbooked with flights going in and out of the airport without a single minute of waiting. It is practically impossible for one to find the economy class seats during these days much less the first class or business class seats. But what you did not know that you can get a nice surprise of getting an upgrade to the Business class if you fly on quieter times. By quit times we mean the days when there are Bank Holidays or other times of the year when the Business class users are less frequent to fly. This results in the business class seat to be not booked and a better chance for the ordinary passengers to get an upgrade.

Spending a lot of money on your travel fare

There is a proverb “As you sow, so shall you reap”. This proverb acts a little bit in this tip of ours to get the business class upgrade. You need to invest a little in your airfare to get more out of it. There is a high chance of getting upgraded to the business class if you spend a lot of money on your baggage like spending a few hundred dollars on the extra baggage hold. You never know that airline might feel a bit accommodating towards your extra money and present you with the free upgrade.

Be a one Airline Person

This tip is not a secret but many of us do not avail it often. When flying, we often try to book the next flight that is available for any airline. But what you did not know is that being loyal to a single airline enters you in the Airlines Loyalty Program. Even if that airline is of low level, you will get the reward from it first. The only thing that you need to do is to get the partnership card for your respective airline and have a chance to get a free Business Class upgrade.

Sometimes be early to catch the flight

This is not a sure-fire way of getting the Business class seats but who knows that one day it might come in handy.  F a person arrives at check-in at the airport 10 hours prior to their flight, there is a high chance of having 1 or 2 free business class seats and the check-in staff might be generous of your early arrival and offer these free upgrades.

If this does not happen, then you are going to have an awful lot of time on your hand and you might have to spend it on that cruel airport seating area.

Sometimes be a little late

This is another trick that has a high probability of backfiring if it does not work. Come to the airport late without reserving the seat and if you are a lucky fellow and the flight happens to be overbooked, there might be a chance of getting the Business class upgrade for free.

As per one person who got this free upgrade a few times, he says that this usually happens during the busy times but is a risky game. If the passenger comes too late, then they might miss their check-in or the staff had already solved the overbooking problems by letting other passengers have these free business class upgrades.

Checking your emails

If you are someone who is loyal to one airline and have also provided them with your email address they might often send you emails about cheaper Business class tickets. These tickets do not come for free but at a cheaper price then the usual one and are offered on the day of the departure of the said flight. This is why you need to sign up with many airlines with your email address and it is best to check your inbox a few hours prior to taking a flight. Who knows some airline might be offering Cheap Business class ticket.

It helps a little to be mad

Being a rude person can never be a good thing but sometimes this can work to benefit from air travelers. There might be a chance that you are taking a long haul flight with connecting flights but the airline is making you wait by overbooking the flights over and over again. If you get rude in these situations then there is a small risk that in order to compensate you for your time, they might offer a free upgrade on the next flight.

Being nice

This air travel tip has been told a lot too many times but it is true because it has worked well for many.  Being civil and nice on the airplane can always lead to good things to happen and sometimes this is in the form of a free Business Class upgrade. For example, if there is an old couple who is separated by the seating order and you happen to be the one who can rectify this dilemma for them, then you are in good books of the flight attendant. These flight attendants have to attend to hundreds of passengers on every flight and that can get overwhelming. This is why when someone offers to help them out of their way; they too feel a little inclined to help them.

Dress up nice

Check-in staff is more included to pass on the free upgrades, if available, to passengers who are dressed up nice. By dressing up nice we mean wearing the business casual dress which gives off a feel of a person that might actually belong in the first class. Chances of getting the free business class upgrade get high if that dress is complemented with a nice attitude towards the staff.

Trying your luck

Also, never be afraid to ask for a free upgrade from the check-in staff or the flight attendant. There is a high chance of getting a reply in ‘No’ but what else you have to lose? The only tip here is to be dressed up nice, be nice and ask it politely. Who knows they might feel generous and reward you with a free business class upgrade.

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