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Special video showing five RAF special painted Tornados flying together

Today we present to our readers a special video footage of the formation flight carried out by 4 Tornado GR4s from RAF Marham alongside a fifth Tornado GR4 from the RAF Lossiemouth. The performed this formation flight over the skies of Great Britain on September 16th, 2015.

Four out of these five aircraft were painted on their tail fin in commemorating their 100th anniversary for each squadron. The tail of the fifth jet was painted in another special color scheme to celebrate the 40 years of the Tornado fighter jet.

The first jet belonged to Number IX Squadron which is the pioneer in night flying.  The tail fin was painted with a Green bat emblem to represent heir night camo color.

The second jet belonged to the Number 12 Squadron. The unit was formed on Feb 14th, 1915 and was used for bombing tactics. The tail fin had a Fox emblem painted over it.

The third jet belonged to 31 Squadron which is known as Goldstar. That is why their tail fin had an emblem of Gold Star of India. This squadron was the first that helped in military operations over the Indian skies.

The fourth jet belonged to the Marham and had the number 40 painted over its tail fin. This commemorates the 40 years of the European bomber.

The fifth fighter jet belonged to XV Squadron and featured a Hind Head on its fin tail.

here’s the vidoe of this unique formation flight.

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