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Sneak Peek of First Class on Different Airlines

Well, it is needless to say, not all airlines have identical first-class cabins. But one thing is for sure that all the top airlines are doing their best each day to up their first-class game.

The very best of the first-class airlines offers a wide range of quality services such as offer a cabin or a suite that can make a passenger be relaxed or get productive in their flight. For that purpose, airlines install the horizontal seats for the long haul flights along with a variety of different entertainment options.

The other big sell for the first-class seats is the food. While the standard airline food is really bad; the first-class food is like dining in a five-star restaurant. Majority of the airlines have specially crafted first-class menus.

With now dozens of airlines across the world, it is best to know what cool features that some of the best airlines in the world have to offer. To make the decision making easier for our readers, we present to you a sneak peek of first-class on different airlines.

Etihad Airways

Amazing Features:

  • First-class has private apartments which are as big to allow a passenger to stand up straight and walk around.
  • Onboard skilled chefs can present specially requested food from there onboard pantry of ingredients.
  • Lounge area to relax
  • Oxnard showers to help passenger get refreshed before the landing


Amazing Features:

  • On board showers
  • An exclusive luxurious lounge and bar
  • Amenity kits presented from Bvlgari


Amazing Features:

  • There are only 8 of the first-class pods located on the upper deck of the A380 aircraft
  • Bed made of fine linen as well as has a duvet which is temperature regulated
  • Food made from top chefs from Germany

All Nippon Airways

Amazing Features:

  • Large-sized private suites that can fold out to become a dining table
  • Amenity kit from Samsonite
  • World-class chefs making Japanese and Italian foods

Singapore Airlines

Amazing Features:

  • Offers double beds
  • The best food featuring a menu of lobster thermion, caviar and much more
  • Private cabins which are designed by a certain yacht designer from France

Japan Airlines

Amazing Features:

  • 23-inch personal monitor for each seat
  • Overnight flights have the option for either hard or soft mattresses
  • Finest chefs of Japan make top quality food

Swiss International Airlines

Amazing Features:

  • Seats that can convert into a private suite which has its own wardrobe
  • 32-inch personal monitor for every suite
  • The menu that changes after every 3 months and is based on food from a different region of Switzerland

Asiana Airlines

Amazing Features:

  • 32-inch personal monitor for each seat
  • Each cabin ahs its own mini-bar with passenger’s favorite beverages
  • A pick and drop service from the Incheon International airport to where ever the passenger wants to go via personal Chauffer


Amazing Features:

  • Amazingly spacious seats with bedding made from sheepskin mattresses
  • An 8 course menu with best wine selected by Sommeliers
  • For overnight flight, each passenger gets a cotton sleep suit

Cathay Pacific

Amazing Features:

  • A luxurious catering featuring the Krug Champagne along with some caviar
  • Cathy pacific offers beds that are among the most comfortable and the widest ones among top airlines
  • For long haul flights, cabin only offer 6 seats that provide an attentive service for each guest

Qatar Airways

Amazing Features:

  • Amenity kit that is given out by Giorgio Armani
  • Nobu Matsuhisa, the celebrity chef providing a 5-star menu
  • A first-class lounge during the flight

Korean Air

Amazing Features:

  • A one way sliding glass door through which only the passenger can see from inside
  • To ensure privacy, each seat is kept 5 feet away from each other
  • 24-inch HD monitor to provide unlimited entertainment features

British Airways

Amazing Features:

  • A private suite that comes with a flat-lying bed, mattress and a duvet
  • Spa treatment offered at the lounges of the JFK and London Heathrow Airports
  • The lounge also offers breakfast lunch, dinner, and an afternoon English tea

Delta Airlines

Amazing Features:

  • Offers flat beds and the hypoallergenic pillows for optimum sleeping comfort
  • A chef that is regionally focused to prepare special menus
  • Aisle access to get up and stretch the legs

Air France

Amazing Features:

  • Toiletries offered by Givenchy
  • Cabins that are benched so the passenger can enjoy the meal with their friend
  • Seats with massage feature along with lighting of special ambient to promote restful sleep

Thai Airways

Amazing Features:

  • Semi-private individual suites that are over 8 feet in length
  • First-class bathroom; each of it with their own seating area
  • Entertainment section offers a total of 130moives, 500 CDs and 300 TV shows

United Airlines

Amazing Features:

  • Sets that can unfold into 6*6 inches flat beds
  • A 15.4-inch flat panel monitor that comes with a wide range of movies and TV shows
  • Meals that also come with special Ice Cream sundaes

American Airlines

Amazing Features:

  • Amenity kits that have 100 percent cotton pajamas
  • Noise canceling headphones from Boise for in-light usage
  • Walkup bar that is well stocked with refreshments and snacks

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