Best Airport Lounges In The U.S.

Depending upon the fact of what amenities when looks for, it is quite hard to find a suitable airport lounge in the US. Most of the airport lounges offer their passengers options like dining or the complimentary cockatiels as per their standards all the while giving the passengers the most value of their pass of an airport lounge. If a person has their own favorite airline they will enjoy the airport lounge of the sad airline. In addition to that, some credit card also allows the passengers to access the airport lounges of the said credit card companies such as the American Express. There are also some airport lounges that allow passengers to buy a one day pass of their airport lounges and this one of the best ways to have a chance of dining and waiting at one of the best airport lounges in the US.

For our readers today, we present to you a list of the very best airport lounges in the US.

LAX: Oneworld Business Lounge

These are the Amenities of this airport lounge.

  • A Business class lounge
  • Communal fireplace
  • Dining
  • Cocktails
  • 16 of the shower suites equipped with amenities from the Aurora Spa
  • Workstations

How to access them:

If the status of a person is an Emerald or Sapphire frequent flier with the oneworld® or if they are traveling on a Oneworld airplane with First class or Business Class cabins, they can enjoy the access to the Oneworld’s total 60 airport lounges across the globe.

SFO: Cathay Pacific Lounge

These are the Amenities of this airport lounge.

  • Dining
  • Workstations
  • Shower Suites
  • Cocktails
  • Luggage Storage
  • Noodle bar

How to access them:

Lounges of the Cathay Pacific and the Cathay Dragon are available for the fliers that are flying either In First class or Business Class. In addition to these passengers who are the selected members for the Oneworld Partner Program or The Marco Polo Club; they can also get access to these lounges. These exclusive lounges are also available for passengers in the following cities.

  • Hong Kong
  • London Heathrow
  • Frankfurt

JFK: Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse

These are the Amenities of this airport lounge.

  • Cocktails
  • Dining
  • Clubhouse spa
  • Entertainment zone
  • Showers
  • Luggage storage

How to access them:

The Gold members of the Flying Club as well as the upper-class passengers have the free access to not only for themselves but also for their traveling guest, who must be flying on the same flight as them.

JFK: Lufthansa First Class Wining & Dining Lounge

These are the Amenities of this airport lounge.

  • German magazines and newspapers
  • International magazines and newspapers
  • Local magazines and newspapers
  • Nonsmoking lounge
  • Office units
  • Relaxing room
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • TV
  • Wireless network

How to access them:

The only passengers who have access to this lounge are either the First or the Business class ones. Other than that passengers with the following frequent Flyer Cards also can have access to this lounge.

  • HON Circle
  • Senator
  • Frequent Traveler
  • Star Gold Card

Multiple Airports: Amex Centurion Lounges

These are the Amenities of this airport lounge.

  • Premium bar
  • Shower suite
  • Family room
  • Semi-private workspaces
  • Computer bar
  • Wine-tasting area
  • Open kitchen
  • Fresh seasonal fare

How to access them:

Only the Centurion and the Platinum members have the access to thesis lounge along with their traveling guest on the same flight.

JFK: Etihad Airways First and Business Class lounge

These are the Amenities of this airport lounge.

  • Dining
  • Cocktails
  • International buffet
  • Coffee stations
  • Concierge service
  • Shower rooms
  • Relaxation area
  • Prayer room
  • Family room
  • Entertainment area

How to access them:

Passengers who are flying the First and the Business class on the Etihad Airways are eligible for using this airport lounge. In addition to this, there is also a one day pass for this lounge the cost of which is as follows.

  • For adults: 75 dollars or 8800 flyer miles
  • For kids: 37.50 dollars or 4400 flyer miles

LAX: The Private Suite

These are the Amenities of this airport lounge.

  • Dining
  • Cocktails
  • Individual private suite
  • Complimentary amenities
  • Concierge service
  • Private TSA screening
  • No lines
  • Personal escorts to and from the airplane
  • Luxury transportation vehicles

How to access them:

Passengers with the annual memberships or the ones who have purchased the single vista pass are eligible to use the lounge. The costs for the single visit pass for the following two types of flights are as follows.

  • One Way Domestic flight cost: 3500 dollars
  • One Way International Flight: 4000 dollars

As for the membership annual cost, it is about 4500 dollars along with following additional fees for 2 types of flights.

  • Additional fee for One Way Domestic flight: 2700 dollars
  • Additional fee for One Way International Flight: 3000 dollars

SEA: Alaska Airlines Board Room

These are the Amenities of this airport lounge.

  • Dining
  • Cocktails
  • Entertainment
  • Concierge service
  • Productivity tools
  • Conference rooms

How to access them:

In addition to the first-class passengers, the annual members of the following airlines have access to this airport lounge.

  • Alaska airlines
  • American airlines

There is also a single visit pass available for a cost of 50 dollars.

The cost of the new memberships for their respective mileage programs are as follows.

  • Cost of MVP Gold/Gold 75K Mileage Plan is 295 dollars
  • Cost of MVP Mileage Plan is about 375 dollars
  • Cost of New Membership is about 450 dollars.

Multiple Airports: United Polaris Lounges

These are the Amenities of this airport lounge.

  • Dining
  • Cocktails
  • Relaxation area
  • Spa
  • Daybeds

How to access them:

Following people have access to this airport lounge.

  • Premium cabin passengers for the international and the transcontinental flights
  • Gold status members of the Star Alliance
  • United Club Membership
  • One time pass holders

As for the membership costs for the members; it is based on the following level of their MileagePlus status.

  • General member: 70,000 miles or $550
  • Premier Silver: 70,000 miles or $550
  • Premier Gold: 70,000 miles or $550
  • Premier Platinum: 65,000 miles or $500
  • Premier 1K: 60,000 miles or $450

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