Most Expensive Planes In The World

Air travel via airplanes might be the fastest way to travel. it still is one of the most torturous experiences. Reasons? because you have to get hours early to the airport for your flight due to security measures. A person needs to wait for a long time at an airport to get learned through all the security and official measures. Over long flights, a person can get pretty cramped or suffer from stiffness due to closely placed seats. For these and many other reasons, rich people often skip these parts and go on to buy their own private jets to make their air travel a breeze.

These large sized privately owned aircraft often come with luxuries like the following.

  • Sleeping beds
  • Fully equipped kitchens
  • Bathroom that has shower
  • Conference room
  • Internet access
  • Satellite communication

While owning a private jet costs a lot of money its own sense, some billionaires have actually modified their privately owned jets with some extravagant features as well. For example, the Sultan of Brunei actually has placed gold washbasins for his jet’s bathrooms.

For our readers today we have gathered a list of a few of the most expensive planes in the world which are as follows.

Gulfstream IV

The cost of a Gulfstream IV is about 38 million US dollars. This aircraft is actually a twinjet one that is specially designed by the Gulfstream Aerospace, which is a subsidiary company of the General Dynamics. The aircraft is actually powered through its two Rolls-Royce RB.183 Tay turbofans.

In June 1987, the Gulfstream IV actually broke an air record when it few from west to around the globe in about 45 hours and 25 minutes. Similarly, another of these aircraft set the record from starting its flight from east to across the globe.

Due to it being a small designed aircraft for private reasons, it is only used by the following.

  • Executive charter operations
  • Major companies
  • Private individuals

To consider the aircraft’s private uses, it is used by Botswana for the transport of their VIP personnel. As for Indian Air Force, they use it on their reconnaissance missions. Rich people like Sultan of Johor and the Sultan of Brunei have bought this aircraft for their private use. With its maximum speed of 935 kmph and its huge price, it is a castle in the sky.

BD-700 Global Express

The cost of BD-700 Global Express is near about 70 million dollars. The aircraft is a twin-engine one with long range and is used as a corporate aircraft. The sole purpose of designing this aircraft was to fulfill the long haul business flights for major world companies. The first aircraft was ready to serve its purpose back in 1999.

The aircraft with its 13 cabins and the maximum flying speed of 505 knots along with its maximum range of 6700 nautical miles is an ideal aircraft for major companies that like to take care of bossiness while traveling to their customers.

Trump’s Boeing 757

The cost of an average Boeing 757 is near about 80 million dollars and it features a glass cockpit to display all the flight info. This feature alone makes it one of the highly advanced aircraft in the world. In addition to this, it’s emergency systems also make it one of the safest aircraft as well. With its maximum speed of 500 miles per hour generated through its two Rolls-Royce RB211 turbofan engines, the aircraft can be kept afloat for 16 hours; making it an ideal for businessmen and the world leaders.

An average Being 757 is designed to accommodate a maximum of 200 people while there is one that can only accommodate 23 people. That is the Boeing 757 of the current US president Donald Trump. Trump’s Boeing 757 comes with the following features that list it at a price of 100 million dollars. S

  • two bedrooms
  • private guest room
  • dining room
  • A video room that comes with a cinema system

Boeing 747

Next up is the Boeing 747 with its whopping price of 153 million dollars. One of the most successful models of this aircraft is the Boeing 747-8. One unnamed billionaire in the world actually owns this aircraft and has furnished it with following luxuries.

  • fully equipped bathrooms
  • private living room
  • a master suite with stunning views
  • a guest cabin with en-suite bathroom
  • a private office

Along with many other facilities and amenities fitted on to this plane, that unnamed owner of this aircraft actually spent a total of 200 million dollars for it.

Airbus A380 Superjumbo Jet

A wide body, double deck Airbus A380 Superjumbo jet actually comes at a mind-boggling figure of 500 million dollars. One of the proud owners of this palace in the sky is the Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal who furnished it according to his taste.

The aircraft has a prayer room that rotates in a manner that it always faces the direction of Mecca. In addition to this, the aircraft also houses a stable to cater his precious horses and camels along with a garage full of his luxurious cars.

Airbus A340-300

The price of Airbus A340-300 is also a massive 600 million dollars. While it is not owned privately by any billionaire, the aircraft is still costly enough that is bought by a small number of airlines. The biggest buyer of this aircraft since its launch in 1993 is Lufthansa who actually owns and operates 30 of these massive giants.

With a capacity to accommodate 295 passengers at a cruising speed of 871 km/h, the aircraft is serving the airlines very well to rake in a large sum of profits.

Air Force One

Without a doubt, the Air Force One is the world’s most protected and safest aircraft in the world and that is why it is justifiable for it to have a cost of 660 million dollars. This triple deck aircraft offers a space of about 4000 square feet to let its passengers have plenty of space to stretch those legs.

The aircraft is actually owned by the United States of America and is under the use of only the reigning presidents. The aircraft has been designed to survive through catastrophes like

  • meteor strikes
  • earthquake
  • nuclear war

For security measures, the plane is equipped with the following features.

  • flares to counter heat-seeking missiles
  • ECM (electronic countermeasures)
  • radar-jamming technology

B-2 Spirit

B-2 Spirit bomber is actually the world’s most expensive aircraft in the world with the price tag of 737 million dollars. This is actually a stealth aircraft and that is the reason that it in the use of only US Air Force with no other country to have the privilege of having this masterpiece.

The specialty of this aircraft is its continuous curvature design that makes it undetectable for the radars. Actually, the aircraft only seems to be like a pigeon on the radar. While this is one of the greatest stealth fighter jets in the world, it still houses amenities like a hot plate to cook food, a bed for the pilot to sleep along with a toilet to relieve oneself.

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