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More Thoughtful Amenities Available At Some Airports In The World

The air travel, as we said earlier in our previous article, has been made more and more comfortable for the passengers across the world. Airports are being made more and more secure and even more comfortable by each passing day. Many airports have come up with the unique amenities that they provide to their customers. But the thing about these amenities is that most of them are hidden away in the airports but we have decided to let our readers be known of these amenities and take advantage of them whenever they visit these airports.

Dubai International Airport: A Walking Tunnel Dubai International Airport

What They Offer:

The walking tunnels in the Dubai International Airport serves numerous functions. The tunnel also happens to be a digital aquarium which features not only as of the dazzling piece of technology but also one of the states of the art and the largest pieces of the facial recognition for the passing by passengers.

How To Get The Service:

Dubai International Airport Entrance

If the passengers who want to fly out of Dubai, they need to actually walk through this very tunnel every time. This passageway has been built as a part of the strong security implementations by the Dubai Airport security in their own favour of tracking the travellers that travel through this very airport. The passageway has been fitted with nearly 80 cameras and as the passengers walk through this colourful tunnel of the visual feast to their eyes, they are at the same time also seeing right into the camouflaged cameras for the facial recognition.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport: Hidden Showers

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

What They Offer:

Most of us hurry off to the airport at the last moment and even don’t ha the time to get a shower. How we wish that these airports have the showers. Well, as it happens to be, one airport in the world is sympathetic to this need of the passengers and it is the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport located in South Korea. Airports offer these showers for the use of every passenger who took a long flight. The passengers can use these facilities for a long time but it is to be remembered that the hot water only runs for about 15 minutes for each individual guest.

How To Get The Service:

Luxury BathRooms

The shower rooms are located near the Plaza Premium Lounge which is present by the Zone A. these shower rooms are open for public use so no fee has to be paid. Despite these rooms being marked as shower rooms, it is still pretty common to miss them if a person is not specifically looking for them. As for the towels, they need to be purchased for the shop just around the corner of the shower rooms. In addition to this, the facility also offers a space where the shower taking guests can store their personal items.

LAX: Its own Observation Tower

Observation Tower

What They Offer:

Waiting for your flight at the airport can be a boring thing. You get exhausted after spending even a few minutes and that is why to make the time of their passengers interesting, the LAX airport has come up with a great solution.

Observation Tower

The LAX features its very own Observation Tower from where passengers can check out the view of the whole airport. You can either see the airport from the top of the Observation Tower’s Theme building or with the help of the telescope provided by the airport. Whichever option you choose, they are both free.

How To Get The Service:

Observation Tower Service

The structure of the observation tower is hard to miss even if it is your first time there. The dome-shaped building is located in the middle of the parking area. What most people do not know about this tower is that the observation tower is open for public use on the second weekend of every month. Simply park your vehicle in any one of the parking areas of the airport and walk to the Theme Building.

Denver International Airport: Underground Tunnels

Denver International Airport Denver International Airport Hall

What They Offer:

The Denver International Airport is on the top when it comes to the conspiracy theories of airport designs. The thing that made Denver Airport such a big deal is its web of underground tunnels. Whatever those conspiracy theorists might say, these tunnels are nothing more but a means for the airport workers to transport the baggie from one end of the airport to another.

How To Get The Service:

 underground tunnels

Still, this does not mean that one should venture into these underground tunnels of the airport on their own. many passengers have found easy ways to get into the tunnel which actually run parallel to the airport tram. Located at the end of the Concourse C is a massive steel door that the guests can use to enter as well as explore the tunnels.

Incheon International Airport, South Korea: Cultural Experience Center

Incheon International Airport

What They Offer:

Some airports have actually taken upon the mantle of proving the visiting passengers from the world to be more known about their cultural heritage. One such airport to have done so is the Incheon International Airport located in South Korea.

Beautiful Views of Incheon International Airport

The airport features the South Korean Culture Experience Center which any passenger can visit. There the passengers are taught to numerous Korean crafts such as the pencil cases and fans free of cost. This Culture Experience Center is truly one of the fun ways to spend at an airport not only for kids but also for adults.

How To Get The Service:

Incheon International Airport Look

There are 2 Culture Experience Centers which are located at either end of the terminal right across the music stages. These rooms have been equipped with various craft items and anyone can enter free of cost and start doing some crafting.

Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport: Dedicated Quiet Spots

Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport

What They Offer:

Well, it is no brainier that airports are one of the noisiest places on the planet. Hundreds of thousands of passengers and hundreds of those massive aeroplanes coming in and out and flying in and out are making the place a big circus. Well, one airport has thought about this problem and came up with dedicated quiet areas right inside the airport. The airport to have done so is the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport.

How To Get The Service:

Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport Terminal

These designated areas are located in Terminal 1 of the airport. In order to reach them, a passenger must go to the observation deck’s top located between the Concourses D and E which are behind the baggage claim and the escalators. There are benches to sit on and power outlets to charge your devices.

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