Flir Footage: California Highway Patrol Chase Ending in Fatal Crash into an F/A-18 at NAS Lemoore

Our video of today is a flir footage from back in March of 2016 when a Jeep Grand Cherokee managed to get into the NAS (Naval Air Station) Lemoore following its chase by California Highway Patrol vehicles. The jeep crashed into the tail end of a parked F/A-18 Hornet jet.

The jeep had two passengers, a female side passenger, and a male driver. Female died on the spot while the male driver died shortly after being transported to Community Regional Medical Centre located in Fresno.

This whole bizarre chase was filmed by the flir camera of a CHP Helicopter. The footage is of amazing quality as it shows perfectly all the audio and flight data parameters. These parameters include not only choppers altitude and speeds but also shows the jeep performing a touch and go at the Hornet.

In the video, you can hear the concern radio comms of the helicopter crew who are worried about the parked Hornets n the jeep’s way. Jeep entered into the ramp where all three F/A-18s were parked. Jeep reached the threshold of the Runway 32R. At the east of the runway’s taxiway, jeep hit the stabilizers of one of the Hornets followed by jeep stopping in a field between runway and taxiway.

The chopper lands on the ground to take the culprit in custody and coordinate the ground troops of their location.

A later report revealed that jeep managed to get inside the NAS because the concrete barrier hydraulics that is deployed for stopping such intrusions was deployed after the jeep got inside. Another reason why the helicopter crew could not maintain contact with the NAS personnel as they were calling to an active number for an NSAL building that had been demolished 10 years ago. They only had that one contact in their record.

watch the flir footage down below.

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