Favorite Questions of Passengers Answered by a Pilot

Favorite Questions of Passengers Answered by a Pilot

Ignorance is the cause of many fears about the things that we do not completely understand. This is the reason that many of the airlines and their employees freely share the information about the air travel and its risks. They also exampling as to why planes are magical beautiful things.

Today we have decided to let our readers have the answers to a few of the questions related to the airplanes.

So scroll down to have a read of these favorite questions of passengers answered by a pilot.

How does someone access the cockpit if the door is blocked from the inside?


There is a special code hat only the flight attendant knows to access the cockpit. This is also necessary incase if both pilots get unconscious. The code of the cockpit is first delivered to the pilot before every flight and he then tells it to the crew.

After entering the code, the door will open after one minute unless the pilots do something. If a pilot notices in CCTV that the flight attendant is not behind the door, he shuts off the cockpit completely. After this, there will be no way to get inside.

Can pilots have thick mustaches or piercings?


All of the following are not allowed for the pilots as they can hinder in the oxygen mask to be worn properly.

  • Bushy beards
  • Mustaches
  • Piercings
  • Other decorations

Sometimes only a little bristle is allowed to the pilots; otherwise, they have to remain clean shaved.

What happens if all the engines stop working?


During every flight in the world, planes work on a mode where engines are working at zero leverage. This means that if you drive a car with manual gearbox and when you reach a downhill, you will shift the car to neutral; this is pretty much the same for the airplanes. It is rare for an engine to stop working and even if they fail, there is a way to start the engine.

A plane can still and without a working engine.

For how long do the oxygen masks work?

oxygen masks

The oxygen level inside the plane and the pressure inside the plane are maintained artificially. If the cabin is suddenly depressurized, the passengers might experience Hypoxia, that can lead to them losing consciousness o even die due to lack of oxygen.

Oxygen masks normally work for 10 to 15 minutes and during this time which is enough for a pilot to stabilize the plane and bring it to an altitude where a person can breathe normally. As for pilots, they have oxygen masks that work for even longer time. This is because; the pilots have to work while maintaining their full focus in these cases.

Do pilots sleep in the cockpit?

pilots sleep

Modern planes usually work on automatic mode for almost the entire flight and the traffic controllers also demand the pilots to remain in contact with them during the entire flight time.

For longer flights, there can be 2 or 3 pilots that take each other’s place so that every one of them can have a shut eye. Pilots also sleep or rest in special rooms.

Why do planes sometimes make circles before landing?


The plane can make a circle due to various reasons and it is perfectly normal. For example, to check if there is an animal or an object on the runway or due to strong side wind or the airport is closed due to some urgent lading of another plane.

If a baby is born onboard, which country’s citizenship will he or she receive?


Following are the few options related to the citizenship of the child born aboard a plane.

  • The country in which the airline is registered.
  • The country over which the child was born.
  • The country in which the plane will land.

In most such cases, the first option is preferable. However, the final decision is made by airline keeping the law into consideration. Some airlines also gift the babies a chance to fly free to anywhere in the world in their entire life.

Can a plane land in automatic mode?

plane land

Many modern planes these days have special control systems that allow the plane from an altitude of 1000 feet to land safely. The mode is however only chosen by the pilot manually. The mode still needs to be controlled all the way and to be adjusted if needed.

A rough landing on the water or on the ground, which is safer?


This scenario depends on the model of the plane. For most cases, however, it is safer to land a plane on the ground. The reason is that water floods the plane very quickly and the surface of the water is also rougher as compared to the consistency and density of the ground.

According to statistics, the chances of survival are way higher if a plane is landed on the ground than on water.

What do pilots eat during a flight?


There is a special menu for the pilots where they can select a few dishes. If the captain of the plane orders chicken, co-pilot will be served fish or different meat. The rule is kept in place to avoid food positioning, just-in-case from the same ingredients.

Pilots also eat in turns while some pilots do it right over controls with specially designed desks.

Which is worse: hitting a bird, being in a hailstorm, or getting struck by lightning?


Lightning often strikes planes but passengers never feel it. Some rare cases cause a blackout in the cabin but pilots, following the instructions, reboot all the electronics of the plane to continue the flight.

Birds, however, are a major danger. If a bird gets into a working turbine, it can destroy it and even cause a fire. Windshields are also not strong enough to sustain the collision force at such high moving speeds. This is why most planes have special nose generators to scare flying birds away.

Why are there spirals in the turbines?


Turbines of the plane work without making any noises and if a person goes close to a turbine when it’s working, the force can throw them a few meters away, thus seriously injuring them.

After a series of such accidents, turbines have now spirals, right in the center to let people know if the engine is working or not.

Why don’t they give parachutes to the passengers?


It might seem strange but a parachute cannot guarantee a person safety if a plane starts to fall. Most people, in emergency situations, cannot put one on safely. In order for a parachute jump, a plane should be flying slowly at about 16000 feet.

Some passengers do carry their own parachutes in their carry on luggage but you should know that a good parachute costs as much as a new car.

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