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F 18 Intercept MiG-29, Real Dogfight

The following video is presented by the US Air Force. US Air Force was able to get a chance of training with German MiG-29s after the German reunification.

MiG-29s are inherited by German Air Force (Luftwaffe) from the Air Force of the National People’s Army which is the East German Air Force.

These have become the first NATO MiG-29s ad allowed the NATO forces to study this top weapon from the once Warsaw pact countries.

The fight is an exhilarating treat of thrill and adrenaline rush for the fighter jet aficionados. In the past there have been many rumors about the capabilities of this fighter jet. For those who had doubts about its military air force prowess, they can see the video and check for themselves.

The video is as follows.

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