F-15 Strike Eagle Pilots Talk BS While Aerial Refueling

Flying a jet for the US Air Force is certainly one of the greatest privileges for any US citizen. While it may be an honor it is also one of the most intense jobs in this world. To man an  aircraft that is of several million dollars while carrying enough fire power to wipe any city from the face of very earth ; requires not only years of harsh training ad practice but also nerves of steel.

While flying an aircraft that is able to move at speeds several times faster than speed of sound is difficult in its own sense; but trying to do a refueling of such an aircraft in id air form a refueling tanker like massive sized KC-10 is whole another ball game.

In the following video despite all the things we have said earlier, you will see and hear two pilots; one from a US Air Force f-15 Strike Eagle and one from the refueling air tank KC-10, were able to mange through all of this refueling process like they were taking a walk in the park.

The radio transmission for both of these pilots was recorded and we were given a rather unexpected shock as to what they were actually conversing about. This conversation was not for an important military mission but was perhaps about something more important; Coffee.

You heard us right, the pilot of the F-15 and the boom arm operator form refueling aircraft were having a rather long and intimating talk about the coffee while the two aircrafts were attached to each other with the Retractable Boom which was carrying gallons of fuels per second.

Some people after watching this video have also hinted out that this could be one of a new military codes but it has not been yet confirmed.

What do you think?

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