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Air Show by U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds with F-16 Fighting Falcon

US Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron consistent of Thunderbirds is assigned to 57th wing based in Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. These Thunderbirds aerobatic team was first created back in 1953 and is the third oldest formal flying aerobatic team in the world.

This air force aerobatic team performed its first air show on July 7th of 1953.

The following video is of the 2015’s air force demonstration that starts off with three aircrafts and then further joined in by a fourth. The training includes a total of 6 aircrafts with one additional being in reserve.

US Air Force has two aerobatic teams; one is the Thunderbirds while other one is Blue Angels. Both these teams use aircraft F-16 as of this century. The body of these aircrafts is of color white with a tail that is white with a small part painted red and has blue stars on it.

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