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Entire USAF Thunderbirds Fleet Departs at Same Time

Following video is the presentation for the US Air Force’s fleet departure from the Daytona Beach International Airport (KDAB). The entire Thunderbird fleet flies over in sequence in a flying performance for the NASCAR Daytona 500 Race.

The fleet for this flying sequence is consistent of six Lockheed Martin F-16C Fighting falcons; a single seater and two F-16D variants which are two seaters. All others can be viewed in the video own below.

These aircrafts depart the runway; 25R in two different waves. There is a separation of about 8 seconds in each aircrafts departure as they leave they do the flying formation for each aircraft.

ATC is included in this flying formation with a lead aircraft being the Thunderbird 1.  Enjoy this amazing video of jet aircrafts making their departure.

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