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Brussels Airlines; Airbus A330 from Kinshasa to Brussels re-starts engine after failure mid flight

On December 10th, 2018 a Brussels Airlines Airbus A330-223 was scheduled for a flight no. SN358. The flight took off from Kinshasa Airport and was headed to Brussels airport.

While the aircraft was flying at FL380 right over Algeria, the left handed engine of the aircraft suddenly failed mid flight. This prompted the aircraft crew to drift the aircraft don to the FL270.

After some time, crew was able to re-start the engine mid-flight when the aircraft was 140 nautical miles east-southwest of Oued Irara, Algeria.

The aircraft climbed back to FL380 and continued its flight schedule headed towards Brussels for a safe landing. The aircraft made its landing with a 3:15 hours delay due to engine failure.

Since this incident, the aircraft has not been taken back into the air.

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