Best Day Trips & Small Towns For Airline Crew in Maryland

Maryland is a beautiful state of America that is located in the northeast of the country. It is one of the beautiful states of the country that is filled with stunning history, local cultures, tourist attractions as well as great architecture. The state of Maryland is quite small in its own self, which makes it easy for one to travel the entire state easily to see many of its amazing tourist attractions.

Most tourists plan to visit the state’s many historical landmarks, government buildings, festivals, museums, and all of the renowned cities each of which has its own best things to do. So if you are looking for day trips near me on Google when coming to Maryland, you should definitely keep reading. We are presenting the list of all the best day trips & small towns for airline crew in Maryland.


One of the most prominent and largest towns in Maryland, Baltimore definitely is one of the number spots. This is a town that holds inside its borders a better part of US history. The place is a paradise for people who love the craft of making beers and enjoy seeing sports. This is because Baltimore’s culture has countless breweries, sports events, and special events that take place all year round in this city.

Other than that the city also houses countless historical places which include notable ones like Fort McHenry National Monument, The Washington Monument, the oldest market in the USA, B&O Railroad Museum, the Lord Baltimore Hotel, the Maryland Historical Society, and v hidden behind a wall of the Lord Baltimore Hotel. In addition to these historical places, there are also many other attractions, sites, and special events for tourists to visit and see in Baltimore. Most of these attractions and things to do are found on the Pennsylvania Avenue Heritage Trail; a historical place that trails down the whole city.


Annapolis happens to be a large city of Maryland State. It is situated at the place where the Seven Rivers flow into the Chesapeake Bay. The city is also a treasure trove for history buffs as they can see all of the said history inside the many museums as well as coming to the United States Naval Academy, which is situated on the eastern side of this city.

Annapolis is well-known for countless things but the main ones always had been and will be its entertainment offering and food. In addition to this, Annapolis also offers its visors with lots of areas to do outdoor activities such as beaches, trails, and parks on the shore of renowned Chesapeake bay. As for the downtown region of Annapolis, it is known for its unique restaurants and shops. Majority of buildings in this area are all really old that maintain the colonial-style architecture, which the Northeast state is really famous for. Other than that, Annapolis, as a whole is a venue for holding many great events all year long.

National Children’s Museum

Located near the well-known National mall in the downtown area of Washington, DC is the National Children’s Museum. Back in 2019, this museum was moved to a new building to allow expansion for many exhibits as well as learning events to help young visitors learn about engineering art, math, technology, and science in an entertaining way.

All year-long, the museum holds countless special events for children as well as families as a whole. The museum with its futuristic slash modern design aims to offer useful information for sparking that creative light in the kids to pursue sciences. This museum is quite large taking an entire day to fully explore its exhibits. This is why there are small concession stores and shops all over the museum with fine food items to satiate hunger of visitors.

National Aquarium

Baltimore has the National Aquarium which boasts to be the largest as well as the most state-of-the-art aquariums in the entire USA. The aquarium houses over 8000 different species of sea life with nearly 20000 animals making it one of a kind.

The National Aquarium also has the identity as the conservation center which allows for aquatic conservationists and scientists to not only save animals but also educate the general public regarding water preservation. The aquarium also hosts many exhibits throughout the year to preview aquatic life forms that reside in the waters of the world. Some of these exhibits are special ones that let the general audience interact with these life forms.

Other than that, to help satiate hunger of the visitors, there are lots of eateries as well as souvenir shops to bring back home a nice memory.

Assateague Island

Assateague Island is an island that runs for about 37 miles in-between Virginia and Maryland. The entire island of Assateague is riffed with rental spaces for kayaks and boats, parks, and shops. Other than that there are also many loops and trails for visitors to perform horseback riding, hiking, and biking.

With enriched wildlife, the island’s visitors can see not only Sealife in the waters but also wild mares roaming freely. There are many companies that offer guided tours of this island as well as the ocean in front of it for fun activities like shellfishing.

As for the beaches around this island, they are ideal for swimming in the summertime as well as surfing. For the ease of visitors, there is a Visitor Center where one can get all kinds of useful information about the island’s many shops and restaurants which serve fine American cuisines as well as quality seafood.

Ocean City

Another great place for visit in Maryland is its Ocean City; a place that is rife with countless attractions spanning across its coast in-between the Atlantic Ocean and Isle Of Wight Bay. The city is known for having more than 200 restaurants that serve nearly every kind of dish one can think of.

Most of the visitors prefer to have a walk on the boardwalk as well as hanging out on the free beach spanning for 10 miles following a day of shopping and going to all the fine local businesses that offer fun activities for families.

Visitors also love to hire put boats or take their turns to do activities in ocean-like swimming, diving, fishing playing golf on fine golf courses, spending a day at the well-known Jolly Roger Amusement Park as well as taking part in events that take place throughout the year.

Sandy Point State Park

On the north of Annapolis, near Chesapeake, is located the Sandy Point spanning for 786 is; a State Park. The park has countless biking and hiking trails in its as well as scenic spots for having picnics and playgrounds for kids to play in.

Most cried-out activities here are fishing and crabbing on boats that can be rented out from places near beaches. Then there is the Nature Center which is the central place for tourists to get information about the entire park. This includes taking a map from Nature Center to move around the park easily. Kids n also enjoy themselves by participating in many events like wildlife viewing tours, playgrounds, beaches, and Park Rangers. Other than these, families can visit places inside the park such as the Sandy Point Mansion, Corcoran Environmental Study Area, and the Sandy Point Shoal Lighthouse.

North Beach

North Beach is actually the name of a little town that is located in the west region of the Chesapeake Bay. Locals often call their ton as Baydream. The reason for such a name is that this town has a picturesque environment with many blocks running alongside the bay area that has piers, a massive swimming beach, fishing areas, and picnicking areas.

North Beach, being a small town is also easy to move around to almost see everything here along the bay and other attractions in the town. If a person takes a stroll through the downtown of the town, they can visit many small businesses such as fine eateries, unique shops and antique shops.

As for the restaurants in this town, they are known for serving quality food in a wide variety. There are many eateries here that can stimulate your palate anew.

Gunpowder Falls State Park

This is a large park that is situated on the northeast of Baltimore city which remains open for all year-long for families to have the best outdoor experience. The park has 6 different areas that families can explore. The first is the Hereford Area which offers places for fishing, boating, and hiking. Then there is Torey C. brown Rail trail which is 20 miles long to offer access for everyone in the park. Another great pale for hiking trails is the Sweet Air trail. The main one is the Center Area that offers a wide range of places such as Jerusalem Mill Historic Village and Big and Little Gunpowder Falls. These are the places that offer trails for horseback riding, hiking, and biking. The second last of the areas is the Hammerman Area with places for picnicking, pavilions to relax, and beaches to swim in. The last area is the Dundee Creek Marina which has a boat launch surrounding which are the fishing areas and the renowned Dundee Archery Range.

Oregon Ridge Park and Lodge

Oregon Ridge Park and Lodge is a massive park that has in it 1000 acre-long trails, fishing regions, playgrounds, beaches, and many other such things. The park remains open throughout the year offering different outdoor activities for people of all ages like special events. Visitors can also net out entire pavilions to host their own special events or the wealthier ones can rent out this entire park.

The park has numerous biking and hiking trails that span across the entire park with great scenic views. If one is interested in knowing the history of this park they can learn it from within the Oregon Ridge Nature Center. There is a museum inside which exhibits how this park came to be back in the 1800s.

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