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Before a Flight avoid these foods

When a person arrives a little extra earlier on the airport to catchy a flight they often miss out on lunch or dinner. Now arrived at the airport and your stomach have started making those annoying sounds; what are you going to do? Well, what else than going to the food court of the airport and order yourself a big juice burger with a big bag of French fries and a heavy glass of milkshake.

But what not many of you might not know is that what a  person eats during or before their flight is actually directly related to how they feel on the flight. Today we have listed some of the foods that one should avoid eating before their flight.

Believe us when we say to pay heed to them because if not then your flight is going to be a gassy one.

Gassy foods like beans and eggs before a long haul flight

We start off by stating a golden rule for the meals before flight “avoid eating any food time that make you feel balloted before the flight; especially before a long haul flight”. The reason of it are really obvious but avoiding the nasty details we start by naming foods like beans, gassy foods and anything that is fry cooked before a flight. Eating such foods is going to make you feel really uncomfortable during your flight and that is not a best way to start a journey especially if you are travelling for vacation.

Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables; believe us or not, this is not a fancy word that we made up right on the spot.  Cruciferous vegetables are actually certain vegetable group which contains vegetables such as bok choy, kale, Brussel sprouts and cauliflower and many more.

This vegetable group has been dubbed as Super Food because they are loaded with high content of carbohydrate as well as vitamins which are necessary for any healthy food and dietary lifestyle. Still, if a person eats these vegetables before a flight, these can result in bloating and certain discomforts of stomach during a flight.

More serious cases of eating these Cruciferous vegetables before flights have resulted in seizures that are triggered due to being inside a pressurize environment of an airplane.


Although the in-flight bottles of alcohol are really small but if a person drinks about 10 of them then sooner or later they are going to feel really awful even before they land. The thing is that no matter what type of alcohol, it results in severe dehydration of the human body. On top of that, you are sitting inside an airplane, known for their dehydrating impact over human body. When all of this, dehydrating effect of drinking alcohol and environment of the aircraft, it will deprive the body with the fluids it so much needs.

Instead, we recommend to our dear readers to refrain from drinking alcohol on a flight or even before or after the flight. A person needs to keep a clear head during the flight and instead opt to drink bottled water to keep your body hydrated.


We are clearly aware of the trouble tat is to travel on an airplane without having a cup of coffee to be a real torture. But what you might not know that drinking a cup of coffee before the flight is going to act like a double-edged sword. It is going to keep you refreshed for the flight but is also going to leave the body severely dehydrated as well as causing too many urges to go to bathroom. It can also mess the sleep pattern for you, which is going to make you feel not too good on the flight and especially after a long haul flight.

Sugary sweets

This is not a fact that is not known by many, not eating too many sweets is always good for health and that is true for not eating too much sugary foods before a flight. The reason is because if you eat a large piece of donut or a cake just before your flight, then the blood sugar level might go high the roof and make you start feeling sluggish on the flight.  This will also result in the body to feel hungrier and cranky.

Fizzy juice

If you think that the harms of drinking coffee and eating sugary items before a fought were bad then you should not even imagine what drinking the fizzy drinks before a flight is going to do with your digestive system and then your mind. These drinks are packed with high levels of coffee and sugar-based content which is going to disrupt your sleeping pattern. And if you are on a long haul flight then you can particularly kiss your good time for sleep and get ready to be jet-lagged when you land.

Our recommendation, in this case, is to drink clear juices or else drink carbonated water.

What one should eat before a flight?

Now as you know what foods one should avoid before a flight, we come to a few foods that one should eat if they have to before a flight.


Eating fruit before the flight is helpful as they hydrate the body as well as give a boost to the immune system with them being enriched with Vitamin C. This helps to lower the risk of getting sick during flight especially if a person inside the aircraft cabin is already sick.

Our recommendation for eating fruit before the flight is watermelon due to its having high water content and enriched with antioxidants.

Foods enriched with protein

Reading that protein to be a food one should eat before a flight might seem just wrong but do not dispel it too quickly. Eating foods with protein can help a person feel full for a longer period of time and prevent them from eating anything else during or before their flight. Some good options for protein are dried fruits, chicken and unsalted nuts.


Cabins of an airplane are filled with recirculated air and this reduces the moisture levels in the cabin. This results in a person feeling thirstier more often inside the plane. This is why we recommend drinking enough water before the flight to keep your body dehydrated and on the flight ask for the bottle of water and sip on it throughout the flight.

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Written by Crew Daily

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