RAF celebrates the 100 years anniversary by flying 100 aircrafts over the Buckingham Palace

RAF (Royal Air Force) happens to be the first ever independent air force in the world. RAF celebrated its 100 years anniversary for being the longest serving air force in the world with its spectacular aerial parade of over 100 aircrafts that flew over Buckingham Palace on July 10th, 2018.

In celebrating this glorious anniversary event, RAF presented the splendid flyover of aircrafts which included not only brand new F-35s but also the vintage Spitfires. The event was glorified when the Royal Family also made presence to observe and celebrate this event.

England is one of the world’s only countries that have a lot of aviation fans and this parade of 100 aircrafts turned out to be quite a feast for these aircrafts enthusiasts as well as photographers.

During their long history, RAF has proven to be the dignified air force in the world who is unmatched by any other rival. RAF has always put his name in the top line whether it was the WWI or while defending the skies of London during the World War II. Form dam busters to battle of Britain to bombing raids of Germany and to bush wars of Africa; RAF has many stars on its name.

In this modern age, RAF continues to make its name by including in the jet fighters like Eurofighter Typhoon and its joint striker force of F-35s. To make its fighting capabilities more lustrous it has now included the newest F-35B Lightening II aircrafts in its arsenal as well.

Nearly 100 aircrafts, one celebrating the 100 years anniversary participated and flyover London in the glorious parade.

These aircrafts flew over the palace form RAF bases of Colchester, Norfolk, Suffolk and many others. The location adn the time of these aircrafts launch was not disclosed to public in regards to national security.

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