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Peruvian Airlines; A Boeing 737 suffered a main gear collapse during landing at La Paz Airport in Bolivia

On 22nd November 2018, an aircraft of the Peruvian Airlines; Boeing 737-500 was operating its flight from Lima Airport, Peru to La Paz, Colombia via Cusco, Peru and was headed towards La Paz Airport in Bolivia on the flight number P9-219, experienced a bad landing.

The plane on its landing collapsed on the runway due to the main gear collapsing. Fortunately for the 120 passengers and 5 crewmen onboard the aircraft, nobody was injured.

An investigation has been launched to determine the cause for this main gear collapsing. The airline is going to take care of all its passengers.

The airline issued a statement stating that “tomorrow we are going to send for another aircraft to help the stranded passengers make it to their destinations. We take the safety measures very seriously whether they are for the domestic or international flights”.

On March of 2017, another Boeing 737 belonging to the Brussels Airlines veered right from its runway path and the right wing of the aircraft suffered the damage upon impact with the perimeter fence.

The fuel which begins to leak from the plane caught fire.

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