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MH86 Helicopter Base demonstration flight over Tisza River, Szolnok 2011

Amongst the two of the biggest military helicopter bases in Hungary, MH86 helicopter is also the one. In the base following military helicopters are in service.

  • Mil Mi-8/17
  • Mi-24

Our video of today was actually taken back on 20th August, 2011 which was the National Day of Hungary. That very year Hungary decided to present the spectators with demonstration flights over the Tisza River.

The video clearly presents tow of the following helicopter with special color schemes for this occasion.

  • Two Mi-17s
  • Mi-24

The demonstration flights includes following activities.

  • Formation flights
  • Soldier transports
  • Solo displays

In the opening formation of the video, the Mi-17 helicopter can be seen dropping military divers into the river.

After that comes another Mi-17 to transport the military troops on the riverside via rope drop.

The practice also includes the protection of the Mi-17 from the ground attack by its door gunners.

In the near end of the video, Mi-17 performs a landing to discharge more sliders alongside the river. The soldiers assist the helicopter by protecting it from ground attacks during its take off.

Another highlight of this video is the solo flight of the mi-24. In Hungary it is known by following two names.

  • Csőrike 2 (Tweety 2)
  • Csőrike 1 (Tweety 1)

Watch the video down below.

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