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Lesser known fact about the Antonov An-2

The aircraft for today is the Antonov An-2 which is known by its nicknames like Annie or Annushka. This was a crop duster aircraft that was later used by the Soviet Union as well as many other nations for their military service. The aircraft was given the NATO designation of Colt. This single-engine and  biplane deign utility aircraft was designed as well as created by the company named Antonov Design Bureau back in the early 1946 for the Soviet Union.

The aircraft which was primarily built for agriculture purpose gained popularity because of its extreme durability as well as it amazing lifting power which when coupled with the takeoff and landing ability on the poor runways allowed it to have a length service life. The testament of its durability and its practical application is evident with the fact that the aircraft which was halted in production back in 2001, still remains to be in military as well as civilian service toil this day.

The reason for the creation of the Antonov An-2 was to be a utility aircraft for use in the fields of agriculture and forestry. But the Antonov An-2 designated as Colt became the single mass produced Soviet aircraft for its military applications like the following.

  • Flying ambulance
  • Float equipped seaplane
  • Lightly armed for combat
  • Dropping the paratroopers

All of the Antonov An-2 aircraft’s versions except the An-3 were powered by the single 750kW radial position engine.

Origin and First Flight:-

The design of the Antonov An-2 was created by the Antonov Design Bureau back in the 196 in order to meet the requirements set by the Soviet Union’s Ministry of Forestry to replace the aging Polikarpov Po-2 aircraft. Antonov was a single biplane with an all metal construction which housed the enclosed cockpit along with a cabin to accommodate 12 passengers.

The very first model of the Antonov An-2 was designated as SKh-1 which took its first successful flight back on the August 31st, 1947. The 2nd prototype of this aircraft was created with a different radial position engine which allowed for increase in its payload carrying capacity and was thus ordered for mass production.


The design of the Antonov An-2 shares is similarities with many other aircraft that fall in the light aircraft category.  The engine powers the 4-balde propeller and is fitted on the extreme front of the fuselage to which then is the cockpit. The cockpit is fully enclosed with a glazed glass that has observation windows on its either sides. Antonov An-2’s wing arrangement has been made to be that of a sesquiplane biplane which makes the top wing a little wider than the lower one. Each of the wings is then connected with a single vertical strut to make up for a single wing-bay.

Like any other aircraft in its class, the Antonov An-2 also has a pair of the fixed gear legs along with the tail wheel.

Powerplant and other features:-

In order to power the Antonov An-2, it is fitted with a single Shvetsov Ash-62IR supercharged 9-cylinder radial position engine which creates a power of 1000 HP. This allows for the propeller to fly the aircraft at a top speed of almost 160 mph for a range of nearly 525 miles at a service ceiling of about 14764 feet. The aircraft achieves this ceiling with a rate of climb being 700 feet per minute.

Accommodation for crew members:-

The cockpit section of the Antonov An-2 allow the seating arrangement for only one pilot but the co-pilot and an observer can also be made to sit in the cockpit. As for its spacious cabin, it allows for a seating arrangement for almost 12 passengers.

Production in Soviet Union/Russia:-

In addition to making the prototypes and evaluation models of the Antonov An-2, Soviet Union and afterward Russia has also made numerous variants of the Antonov An-2.  These variants include all types of aircraft like the following.

  • Reconnaissance aircraft
  • Artillery observation aircraft
  • Mail carrier aircraft
  • Cargo transporting aircraft
  • VTOL-minded aircraft projects
  • Survey and the photographic variants
  • Fire bombers
  • Firefighter aircraft
  • Research and the VIP transport aircraft

As for he agriculture variant of the Antonov An-2, it saw long service period in China and Poland.

Chinese Production:-

China also got the rights to produce the Antonov An-2 and they related many variants with the first one being the Fong Shou-2 aka harvester 2. This sit eh very first variant built by Chinese for the agriculture use. Next was the Nanchang Y-5 which served transport roles and nearly 727 of these aircraft were produced by Harbin in China.

Next mass produced Chinese variant of Antonov An-2 was Nanchang Y-5II as 229 of these units were manufactured. The Chinese built Shijiazhuang Y-5B is the light passenger aircraft which was abed on the initial design of the An-2T which was produced for fulfilling the need of 114 units.

Other notable operators:-

There are many operators of the Antonov An-2 all across the world with the notable ones being China, East Germany, Georgia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Hungary, North Yemen, Lithuania, Poland, North Korea, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, Somalia, Serbia, Yemen, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Ukraine, and Turkey.


There were no models of the Antonov An-2 that were created especially with the guns but alter some were converted for military service by attaching defensive guns on them. Later, some units of the Antonov An-2 were also modified to carry drop bombs.

Combat Service:-

It sounds really uncommon for an aircraft like the Antonov An-2 to have taken part in the real military combat but the aircraft did participated for its fair share in the military. The aircraft saw its debut in the Korean War back in 1950 to 1953 and then later dring the Vietnam War where it was used by the North Vietnam.

Some crop duster models were transformed to be a makeshift bomber for taking part in 1961’s Croatian War of Independence.

Current Status:-

Dring these recent times, the aircraft ah gained its popularity in the Canada and the U where it is used as the Bushplane. Other than that many other of its operators are still using it for various purposes. As of now there are not hundreds but thousands of these Antonov An-2 aircraft that are still in operational service. Currently Russia has 1500 of these aircraft with Kazakhstan having 294 and Ukraine having 54 of these Antonov An-2s.

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