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Frontier Airlines; Right hand engine cowl of an Airbus A320 broke loose after take-off from Las Vegas Airport

On 30th November 2018, an Airbus A320 of the Frontier Airlines which took off from the Las Vegas Airport had its right-hand engine cowl broke loose right after its take off.

The aircraft was headed on a flight number F9260 from Las Vegas Airport to the Tampa Airport.

The pilots decided to turn back the aircraft to the airport ad 15 minutes after its departure the plane safely landed back on the Las Vegas Airport.

Moments after making its landing, the airlines released a statement saying that “During the take-off of the flight no. 2690 headed from Las Vegas to Tampa, a section of the aircraft’s engine cover called ‘cowling’ came loose and separated from the aircraft. Our brave and experienced pilots followed the procedure and made an emergency return to the airport. The engine despite the damage was operating normally n the aircraft was able to land safely.’

The statement further added, “Safety is our top priority and we also appreciate and acknowledge the bravery and professionalism of our pilots and flight attendants during this incident. We are currently working to have our passengers make it to their desired destinations as quickly as possible”.

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