Best Sunglasses Brands to Buy in 2020

Ray-Ban Sunglasses


Best Sunglasses Brands to Buy in 2020

Sunglasses in Pakistan are a staple accessory for both Men and Women. They were invented to protect the eyes from detrimental ultraviolet rays and sunlight, but they soon become a fashion statement to look sharp and bold. They have the style power to transform your look altogether. The celebrity endorsement of various sunglasses brands has also made a huge impact as people follow them to keep pace with the latest fashion trends in the market.


Similarly, fashion lovers in Pakistan never put a bet against their style game, and stay ahead of the curve by opting for the best sunglasses brands in Pakistan. Gone are the days when people used to purchase unpleasant, low-quality, and non-branded sunglasses. With the evolution of social media, influencer marketing techniques, and online e-commerce stores, people with a definitive sense for fashion only go for branded sunglasses in Pakistan.


While talking about original sunglasses in Pakistan, one has to consider a number of factors before reaching a conclusion on which pair to buy sunglasses online. You have the option of going for high-quality sunglasses in Pakistan that are expensive; however, their quality is worth your money. At the same time, there are well-known brands offering affordable eyewear solutions with added features such as polarized lenses and anti-glare shades.


It often gets really tricky doing online sunglasses shopping in Pakistan with so many choices at hand with multitude brands, innumerable sunglasses options, and infinite designs. Here, we have compiled a list of the top five best sunglasses brands to buy in Pakistan in 2020 to help you narrow down your search.


1- Ray-Ban Sunglasses in Pakistan

Ray-Ban Sunglasses


It was not difficult to guess that Ray Ban Sunglasses in Pakistan tops the list. Even a kid would have answered it correctly. Ray Ban Sunglasses are not only the best choice of eyewear admirers in Pakistan, but they are undoubtedly the best sunglasses brand in the world. Ray-Ban is continuing the legacy of producing the world’s most iconic sunglasses for more than 80 years now. The brand was acquired by the Italian eyewear giant Luxottica in 1999. 


Ray Ban is widely popular for their extensive product range, including wayfarer shape, clubmaster shape, and the undeniably remarkable aviator shape.


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2- Persol Sunglasses in Pakistan

Persol Sunglasses

The second most prominent sunglasses brand in Pakistan is another Italian luxury sunglasses brand. The name Persol is derived from the Italian phrase ‘per il sole’ that literally means ‘for the sun’. Even the brand name suggests that the brand specializes in sunglasses, most of you will be amazed to know that the brand was founded 20 years before Ray Ban. 


Persol Sunglasses offers an exclusive range of sunglasses, and to buy the best sunglasses brands in Pakistan please explore


3- Tom Ford Sunglasses in Pakistan

Tom Ford Sunglasses

The third brand on the list of best sunglasses brands in Pakistan is comparatively newer in the arena of luxury eyewear history. The brand was founded in 2005 but it soon reached to prominence, and now the brand name speaks for itself. They offer one of the most luxurious and original sunglasses in Pakistan.


The American fashion designer, Tom Ford, who was creative director for famous Italian brand Gucci until 2004, launched his own brand. The chic and trendy Tom Ford Sunglasses in Pakistan feature 100% UV protection, premium quality, and creative designs.


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4- Carrera Sunglasses in Pakistan

Carrera Sunglasses

The next brand on the list is the prominent Austrian brand Carrera that was founded by Wilhelm Anger in 1956. The brand was named after the notorious race Carrera Panamericana. The Carrera Sunglasses in Pakistan are known for their out-of-the-box designs, forward thinking creativity, and top-notch product quality.


These sunglasses are highly regarded amongst the sports and athletes’ community due to the sporty designs. To buy cheap and affordable sunglasses in Pakistan visit


5- Oakley Sunglasses in Pakistan


The fifth spot goes to another brand owned by Luxottica eyewear, similar to Ray Ban and Persol. The Oakley Sunglasses are highly in demand for people who love outdoor activities and carry an active lifestyle. If you love wearing sunglasses while driving, then you ought to purchase one pair of Oakley Sunglasses.


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Written by Crew Daily

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