Best & Fun Things To Do In Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is the city of Massachusetts which is the place brimming with all sorts of culture and history along with its wide range of culture. All these combined means that Boston is one of the best places to go on a vacation.

Boston, Massachusetts not only offers things like helicopter tours or rock climbing fun but it is also amongst one of the most historically significant cities in the entire USA.

This is the same city where the great Boston Tea party was held as well as where the revolutionary ride of Paul Revere started.

If you are at all interested in visiting Boston, we have gathered the best & fun things to do in Boston, Massachusetts.

1.   Freedom Trail

For those who are visiting Boston but are wondering where to start their epic vacation then hit the place called Freedom Trail.

Freedom Trail will be taking you through the city’s many historic landmarks which include places like Paul Revere House, USS Constitution site, the 1770s Boston Massacre Site as well as the Bunker Hill Monument.

This Freedom Trail covers an area of about 2 miles which is covered in thick brick pathways for keeping visitors on track.

Not only are there great sites but also many shops, churches, museums as well as historical meeting places. You can visit the local café or take a commemorative picture standing next to a statue.

2.   Fenway Park

Fenway Park is the place that always has the smell of fresh green grass and popcorn in its airs.

Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts is amongst the USA’s one of the oldest baseball parks. It has been preserved to become an athletic landmark of the country with its classic vibe which gives visitors a peek into the golden days of baseball.

The park has never been expanded since 1912 when it was built. It still has the seating place as when it was built which makes it great for the audience to view the batters and pitchers from their seats.

There are also those old-style hotdog vending arts as well as the Fenway Park’s press rooms and clubhouses.

These places are riddled with all sorts of baseball-related memorabilia like bats, balls, mitts, and old trading cards. For any list of best & fun things to do in Boston, Massachusetts, Fenway Park is a must-visit place.

3.   Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

The moment one steps inside the building of Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, you will be struck with all the stunning artwork.

This place was designed by a patron of the gardening arts from the1800s named Isabella Stewart Gardener. This place was built with the intention of a great palace in the center of a lush garden.

The halls of the place have been decorated with ornate wallpapers as well as carpet with the courtyard having a collection of patios, archways, trees, and textiles.

If the architecture of the place is still not moving enough for you, just step inside and see all the art that will blow your mind away.

4.   Boston Rowing Center

It is common for one visiting Boston, Massachusetts to see people using rowboats in the river.

Harvard has its own rowing team while the rowing team of Cambridge also trains here for their next regatta.

While there are teams training here, most of them are only the tourists that enjoy services from places such as the famed Boston Rowing Center.

This establishment allows for tourists to rent a rowboat and have fun enjoy splashing the water.

This Center is actually the part of another great place to visit, Hull Lifesaving Museum, the no-profit organization which is dedicated to offering education about Maritime. For beginners, this place offers classes as well as rowing torus in groups.

If you are someone who knows a little about rowing, you can then rent a boat and take your kids for a great afternoon in the river.

5.   Polcari’s Coffee

Amongst all of the best & fun things to do in Boston, Massachusetts, one needs to visit the city’s well-known Polcari’s Coffee.  This is an old-style coffeehouse that has been passed on from generation after generation. They not only sell coffee but also things like spices, oils, herbs, and many other traditional Italian eateries.

Enter the coffeehouse and you will see displays of bean jars and moving on will be an old-style scale with weights to weigh the coffee and other goods sold here.

6.   Bodega

Most attractions of Boston, Massachusetts can be searched online easily but there is still one that might escape even the keen traveler’s eyes. This place is an upscale fashion boutique that is well hidden behind a dirty looking vending machine. The name of this hidden shop is Bodega.

The place will only be visible once you enter a seemingly out of business convenience store located in Back Bay and then push aside a particular vending machine to step inside the real shop.

There are no markers or signs of this place and even not of the store where it is hidden. You might wander around for hours on the alleyways of Boston before you find the right track.

Coming inside the Bodega you will be surprised by the shop’s well-lit space. Bodega is a renowned fashion brand so all the shoes and clothes here are a little expensive.

The place has celebrity shoppers like Kevin Durant and Jamie Foxx.

7.   Boston Harbor

Boston Harbor is a place riddled with many great attractions. This is a historic site where the event like Boston Tea Party was held as well as the area for lighthouses, statues, shipyards, and museums.

You can take the tour on a ferry to see the islands of Massachusetts or simply rent a bicycle to see the vibrant and colorful restaurants and shops on the Boston Harbor.

There is also a place like a Floating museum for you which is built on a boat and its artifacts sway when the tide hits the boat.

8.   New England Aquarium

If you are planning for a family vacation filled with best & fun things to do in Boston, Massachusetts then consider adding the New England Aquarium on your list.

Kids will have time of their life seeing those little penguins and the sea turtles but the main attraction is something else. It is the Ocean Tank which is comprised of many see-through tunnels allowing one to walk under the dome of 200000 gallons of seawater.

From these tunnels, you will see above you all sorts of aquatic life such as stingrays, sharks, sea dragons, and eels.

If your kid loves seals and penguins, then there is also a collection of rockhopper penguins. One can enjoy seeing this exhibition without paying for the ticket

9.   Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Art in Boston, Massachusetts offers intellectuals with 450000 different artifacts which makes this museum the largest one in the state of Massachusetts as well as the 5th largest in the entire USA.

Do you like Egyptian Art? Well, they have glittering jewelry of the pharos and even the sarcophagi tombs.

For those in love with some oriental work, take a look at the museum’s Japanese cutter woodblock prints or the Chinese scrolls of Calligraphy.

There is also classical art of the French Post-impressionist era of artists like Degas, Van Gogh, Renoir, and Monet.

10.   Boston Helicopter Tours

We cannot stress enough to put this one on your list of all the best & fun things to do in Boston, Massachusetts. The Boston helicopter Tours will be your once-in-a-lifetime experience as you get to fly atop the skyscrapers and waters of the Boston River.

You will get to enjoy the stunning aerial view of Boston’s parks, baseball stadiums, dome-shaped government buildings, and grand bridges.

While Boston Helicopter Tours is not the only place to offer these helicopter tours, they are still the most popular ones in the city.

11.   Blue Hills Reservation

Massachusetts is truly amongst one of the most beautiful states of the USA but the thing that makes this beauty apparent is the place called Blue Hills Reservation.

Although these are not proper mountains, they are still the rolling hills that are lush and green while offering the stunning view of their nearby ponds, tree groves, meadows, and swamps.

The name Blue Hills Reservation was given to this place after the European explorers saw the bluish mist covering the peaks of these hills.

One can come here to not only see the beauty but also do activities such as boating, fishing, camping, and swimming for summer. In the winter, this place also offers fun for activities like snowshoeing, sledding, and skiing.

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