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Belgian Air Show; Spectators Gently “Pet” Italian F-35A Lightning II

If anyone of you ever got the chance to see the Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter at an Airshow then you probably might know that the security around such aircraft is high. Amy usually places a security rope along with army personnel to stop the people at distance from this one of a kind Fifth generation aircraft.

However, the spectators at the 2018’s Belgian Air Force Days Airshow at Kleine-Brogel Air Base in northeastern Belgium were lucky this time. Italian F-35A Lightning II on the day of Airshow was being towed away close to the spectator line with its right wing protruding outward over the orange line placed in order to keep the spectators away. This was the moment in which some eager fans of aviation have been waiting for their whole life and gently petted the aircraft.

One of the journalists on the scene quickly caught the video and picture of spectators touching the aircraft. According to the reporter, “the aircraft was being towed away on Saturday morning. Everyone was standing there when the aircraft became too close to the spectators. One child on his dad’s shoulder was particularly happy that he got to view a close up of the aircraft.”

He further stated that, “any of spectators were able to touch the aircraft gently and from their looks, they seem to have made a connection with the aircraft. In the world of aviation, it was like being able to shake hands with one of your pop idols or a movie star.”

The reason given by one of the maintenance airman team told media that, “these aircraft have new technology along with sensors on the outside. You cannot touch them unless you are trained to handle them. in addition to that, the aircraft also has a Low Observability coating done over it. Touching causes the aircraft to be damaged and have scratches.”

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